Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tucking memories away

 Wrapped in Nature's loving arms

A summer bed tucked under grapevines...

Lovers being lullaby to sleep by the enchanting songs of the night...

Under fairy lights like floating stars

Dreamy gypsy nights...

and then...

THE garden looks glorious resting comfortably in the palm of summer; sinuous and lovelier than ever. I am entranced by this green lushness and beauty; the amount of life buzzing, and bustling and growing in it; spellbound I am, rapt in light and deep thoughts as I see, and hear and feel—the hand which sustains it all; this hand which moves the skies and pours out the rains, creating, nourishing, caring for every organism in our beautiful world and beyond it. I am but a speck of dust in the hands of my Creator—waiting, as with all living thing under the sun to be feed and filled with His wonderful peace and light and every goodness there is. "For every beast of the forest is Mine, the cattle on a thousand hills. I know every bird of the mountains, and everything that moves in the field is Mine" (Psalms 50).

I'm tiptoeing over my dream to retain it; be able to keep flowing, keep dreaming... and perhaps, keep the strangers away? For how would I ever forget and forgive myself for throwing away my dream—this Paradise-garden of mine? Would it be cared for when I leave... would it be neglected, ignored? Would it be loved? And if so, how well will it be loved? Would it be enough?

I'm taking it with me—taking my garden with me tucked in my heart in the way of memories... a wedding, a dear little fairy, a baby singing, bright nights, rose petals, a sleepy kitty amidst the hostas, the music of a saxophone beyond the garden gates, birds singing, the miracle of a hummingbird, the song of the cicadas, the gathering of four generations, a dog the color of the sunset, memories tucked away in my heart and mind to store them away so I can later carefully look at them with perspective that only time can provide.


  1. It's a magical place, so beautiful!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. Your next garden will be too...just think of all the new flowers and plants you will discover!! I am still praying for you and your upcoming adventure.

  3. Yes, you will always have this garden, in your heart...

    And in your memories...

    And, delightfully, in your blog photos...

    Oh aren't blog entries, wonderful? For keeping memories...?

  4. I have been contemplating along the same thoughts as yours this summer while tending my garden. His whisper teaching me how to be a cultivater of peace. My gardens are no where near as lush as yours but some day as they grow. We began only 7 years ago from hard pan dirt. We've planted everything ourselves on a low low budget. So it takes time. It is why I haven't been blogging. I'd rather be in nature, outdoors, in the garden cultivating and contemplating. Just like you are! It is worth more than gold. Oxox

  5. Your place is truly amazing. Love it! Blessings, Martha


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