Thursday, July 25, 2013

Little big things

Roses from the garden, dried in their water...

Morning coffee, with cream and sugar and a dust of cinnamon

A chunky candle on a vintage saucer... some rose petals scattered around.

An old basket holding some pretty plates and some freshly cut roses from the garden

I have started packing up things—mostly kitchen utensils; glassware and pitchers, dinnerware and delicates that are not used on a regular basis. While sorting through my beloved stash of junk jewelry I got sentimental. How could I part from it, or give it away? But I had to. And thus, I have gotten rid of a lot of the thing that I adored, but were really not essential.


I'm starting to really enjoying the thought of moving South; the thoughts of a new home, the view of the wide opened country and fields and fields of peaches and lovely country houses adorned with yellow jasmine... of offering a final farewell to Father Winter and not even feeling a bit sorry for this... to fly along fireflies at the kiss of nightfall—like that first time, a few weeks ago when we visited what is to be our new hometown...  and how these fascinating creatures came out that evening just to greet me; to welcomed me to their home with twinkling lanterns on wispy wings.

I don't know when it is most beautiful down there,—when it rains and the heat raises up and lies along the fields in delicate mists, or in the morning when you hear the most enchanting song you have ever heard and you look over the tall cypresses and white hickories and see the red cardinal shimmering in the light of the morning as though it were some miraculous flame. And them there are those lovely evenings of the South; soft and warm, growing dimmer and dimmer beyond sight, swooning away through tender gradations of greens and gold. I seem to be seeing it all now for the first time again, with new eyes... what a lovely, lovely place that is. And although my truest heart is still here, and part of it will always be, I am now embracing the expectation of a new beginning. I am ready for it. I am excited.


  1. In the midst of packing you still have organisation and beauty? I tip my hat to you m'lady LOL. Good luck with the move :)

  2. Oh I am so happy, that you have come to really embrace the move, now. Happy! Very happy for you!

    Many hugs,
    (Who is taking a blogging holiday... But keeping up, with her very favorites...)

  3. I will be praying that your move will be a wonderful,exciting, new adventure for you!

  4. Sometimes it is very hard to move, but also an exciting journey. Where do you plan on going?

  5. Oh, why do you give away alot of your precious things? Is it the natural way of things when one moves, or is there a need to lighten up and keep ''only essentials" what a frightening thought! :D I mean, I hope it is all a choice of your own. Sending much love and magic to your future steps and visions.

  6. Beautiful pictures.

    I'm so glad to hear you are looking forward to your move.

  7. I haven't visited in awhile and I see you are moving south. So glad you are looking forward to it and are embracing the process of packing and sorting out.
    love your dishes and table.

  8. Lady of the woods... I love to see you wandering around here... just simplifying and decluttering my life ;)


  9. I am so happy to hear that you have settled into your move and are looking forward to embracing the South with arms wide open, Cielo. :) I am green with envy that you'll be living far away from Old Man Winter, who I am never happy to see. lol I can truly see you as a Southern girl, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie


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