Sunday, July 14, 2013

The start...

How do I even begin to write a proper thank you note to each of you who so generously tucked in a personal thought; an encouragement, a thoughtful comment and best wishes in this sorts of a virtual bouquet. Thank you for everything. For your love. for your words. For your prayers. For your support. For your presence. For being my beautiful soul mates in this beautiful life....

And thus, we started with the cleaning process today... over 10 big garbage bags of clothes, linens and the sorts were given away... we also started sorting through the 100-million boxes we have kept in our garage for years and years, bringing them with us from one house to the next... till today. We laughed and wept softy... and cried hard over looking at some very dear and very valuable things—old photographs from when we were dating back in high school days, our love letters—hundreds of them, yellowish and brittle with years and the zeal of youth and love... old toys, kids' school cards and crafts, and a funny tender letter from a seven years old darling, which made me cry like a mad woman because this is the same darling I am now leaving behind... and well, we did a lot... a lot. And this is just the start. Someone is coming by tomorrow to help me clean the house and I'm calling someone else later during the week to help me paint an old bed white, and some of my thrift store furniture I have in the reading room, which are going to go in one of the guest rooms in our new home... I bought market flowers for my daughter today and along with the lovely bouquet, I added an old photograph I found today of us both, of when she was around 9 or 10. Soft evening light was shining in our smiling faces and we looked so young and happy.... I cried some more and then thank God for every blessing He has given us through all our lives. I then made a nice dinner for everyone... we had a lovely evening.

Let love and faithfulness never leave me... I'll bind them around my neck, write them on the tablet of my heart... (Proverbs)

Thank You for being with me my friends!


  1. Come sit for a respite with me a while in my garden room and we can "talk" a while.

    Big big comforting hugs.

  2. Oh my Dear, my heart is full, reading this post. You are doing so well, with what must be a difficult passage.

    But oh I do hope that you will feel lighter and freer and like you have grown wings and can fly, almost... As an effect of getting all this "stuff" out of your life. Off your mind. No longer needing to be maintained and stored and worried about.

    Oh I hope you will soon feel this airy lightness. Soon... Soon... Soon...

    I wrap you in gentle hugs, during all of these not-easy doings.


  3. Hi Cielo!
    Reading your beautiful post I cry and cry also.

    Peace and Love be always with you and your Family.

  4. I wish you good luck in your new home.

    I remember how hard it was for us to move from the home we raised our kids in and yet we are going to make one more move in nine years to our next home after retirement. I look forward to seeing your new home and how you decorate it and the garden.

  5. Good thing to have someone come and help. It goes faster and if it's a friend, you can share memories and make new ones in the process. Best wishes.♥♫

  6. Good morning Dear Cielo,
    We have shared from time to time over the years, our love of our homes, garden, family and our faith. I know what it is like to put your life completely in God's hands and to trust the changes He brings to our lives. They do not always seem beautiful and beneficial at the moment. I know you've travelled East to see family and have enjoyed the warmth of the seasons here. I know when you transplant you'll bring with you the wonder and joy you find in your day to day living - you'll find a way to remain close to your dear Daughter and Granddaughter, you'll learn a new strength and sense of joy and peace. This I know from learning of you over the years and from my experiences with God. For me, I am delighted that you'll be closer - I knew someday we might meet - based on our faith...perhaps that day come - Blessings,

  7. I wish for you peace and love. You will love your new home and garden and it will be you in no time.
    I have been getting rid of things also. As I get older 'i do not want my son to come in and deal with all my treasures.

  8. Oh, such big plans and changes. I think you have shown us for years how to find the magic... You will never lose that. I know you will definitely believe me when I tell you I have actually cried when I have read your words and seen that beautiful little fairy Tessa... But as you do this incredibly difficult thing, you are showing your daughter and eventually your granddaughter... And definitely your dear "soulmates" in Blogland how to accept change with confidence in God and future/present beauty... I saw a quote today that said our circumstances don't create our character, they reveal it... Although I never had the slightest doubt of your beautiful heart,...... I know you are busy, busy... So just know I'm here if you need another believer in enchantment... Thank you for inspiring us.

  9. Memories to tuck in your heart & soul ... new memories to gather for you in your new journey to treasure, sweet friend.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  10. I know there is sadness in what you are doing, but imagine if you had to do it alone? with no one to understand who you are and what you have created? You have loved ones going through this with you, you are blessed. And I only see bigger, more magical gardens coming up. Something will work out with the loved ones you are moving further away from, for sure. Many blessings! lady

  11. Oh Cielo - I can feel the pain in your heart through your words. But rest assured, my sweet friend ~ God has something very special, very beautiful in store for you. I just know it. Remember that slip of paper that is tacked on your mood board? It says, "To pray is to let go and let God take over." Hold that close to your as you step out on this journey. We are all here for you!

    xoxo laurie

  12. I am new to reading your blog but your beautiful language and love of your garden has certainly resonated with my soul. In 2005 we left my beloved garden that I had cared for for 30 years. We had purchased my great grandmother's house and I cherished the flowers she put in and added more of my own over the years. It was with a heavy heart that I left that place but the memories of those flowers arrangements and quiet spots tucked in the trees are still with me. And I still hold those memories close to my heart as I plant and nurture my new garden. Each time I put a beloved favorite into the ground in this new yard I think of my old one and I know that I can love them both.

  13. dearest Cielo, It's always difficult to rid of things I have gone and got rid of so many things from the past and I still have alot and I refuse now to rid of anymore... but I remember going through my huge storage even throwing things away.. every once in a while I think of a piece I threw out and I get upset.. but life sometimes makes it like this.. You will find happiness in your new home.. sometime change is good for us right.. Much love to your new place and you... with love Janice


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