Thursday, July 18, 2013

A tea party

Late last evening we were welcomed by some very unexpected and strange weather... rain so heavy as I'd never seem in this valley in all the many years we've lived here... along with the rain, widespread strong winds slashed through the garden... in the distance, a sailboat ripped from its anchor offshore and headed toward land.

Well, I'm somewhat dreaming. I don't live anywhere close to the ocean, but we did had some heavy rain and wind last evening. Then, this morning... a glorious sun rose up like some enchanting bird; spread out its wing, and shrouded the land in golden magic... I am captivated by it all.  There is this feeling about the garden that you can't expect anyone to understand, or share with you... a magical secret feeling.

It's inevitable... it always happens.  Magic awakes.  You hear whispers in the air, the small laugh of mystical creatures, little feet scurrying around. And if you are patient enough to wait by the magic mirror, you might even get a glimpse of all sorts of enchanted creatures coming from a magical place deep in the woods, or, on their way there... for what lives beyond the magical mirror is... well, it is just the most wondrous place you can ever imagine...

So I waited... and waited... 
And finally...
Oh look, over there under the Blue Spruce!
Can you see it? 
At the bend of the garden where the tall Shasta daisies grow...

I know.  Not everyone can see these things; or want to see it.  You see, you have to have eyes in your brain to see.  They're call "imagination"...

Ah yes, someone is having a tea party... I see a table had been set up on the lush soft grass... Quietly, I walked to it... the scurrying and little laughs intensify. The garden fairies?

It must be! 

A teapot, cups and saucers and a cake too! A fairy tea party indeed!

I wonder who's been invited.  A proper fairy tea party needs guests, you know! Perhaps you've been invited? Have I? I'm sure I was, but my magical watch indicates that it may be too late now!  Oh I hope not!

Look, is that an invitation there? For me?

Let's see!

Indeed, the garden fairies are throwing a little tea party in my very own magical garden... in my honor.  A tea party just to let me know how much they'll miss seeing me about and around my magical garden...

I guess the garden fairies have found out I'm moving.  Hope they'd like the new owners; whomever they may be... hope they're nice, caring people who care for the environment and know how to appreciate the wonders of Nature and the natural world.
Peekaboo! Tea for me and tea for you!

We'll make a toast for happiness and hope and trust and faith and many more days spent in green lush grass under a magical blue sky.

1 cup of friendship, 5 spoons of hope, 2 spoons of tenderness, all the faith you can muster, barrels of laughter and an unlimited amount of spirit and understanding...

Birds and butterflies flutter by,
tall Shasta daisies and garden Phlox beckon them.
We watch.
We pray and give thanks
Forgive and forget too...

Take with me every memory... every joy sown here; every moment spent in reverie; in the presence of angels, when alone, with family, with friends...

And continue to dream... dreams higher than the stars

And make some of those dreams come true too!

Forget those who'd wrong you in the past, and keep the flame of love and kindness alive within you... remember, you can never reminisce when you forget it all.

Keep your faith alive. Understand that the 'real' good life requires faith and to believe in your Creator, and vision, hard work and determination from you... 

And remember that to accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

Believe in yourself... have faith in your abilities. Be happy. Be you!

Promise you won't forget me?  Oh I hope you wont. 

Thank you, and you and you for just being YOU, my kindred spirit....  


  1. No kindred spirit ever forgets. I have a feeling those fairies are packing up too and tailing you on your journies. I know I would, I wouldn't chance it, I'd simply up and leave with you LOL.

  2. it is so wonderful! Love and best wishes for you in your new home! Love kri

  3. I agree- those fairies live in your heart - and wherever you go you will spread that magical love and joy where you lay down your teacups.

    Peaceful journey to you.

    Be still, all is right and good.

    Sisterly hugs,


  4. so many darling things I enjoyed the tour(:)

  5. The faeries will send a message along to your new home and you will have more delightful parties with their cousins and such. They will be thrilled to have you nearby.♥♫

  6. My heart is so full for you... Please write to us as often as you can... we, like the fairies will follow you on your new journey... It would be impossible to forget the bringer of magic. Much love for the journey...

  7. I can see how much the faeries do love you. They have set such a beautiful and magical tea party for you.

  8. I do love your story and best wishes on your move.

  9. They will be following you to your new house. Where are you moving to?
    Hope your move is quick and that your garden in your new house is excited that your coming.
    Happy Weekend.

  10. They will be following you to your new house. Where are you moving to?
    Hope your move is quick and that your garden in your new house is excited that your coming.
    Happy Weekend.

  11. O my dearest because you believe they won't leave you... your moving O my going to miss you and your gardens .. I hope your new house will be as special as this was for you.. but It will be a new place to decorate how exciting. I hope you tell us all and continue to tell us story.. I love to visit you I find often a calmness and a peace of mind.. thank you for sharing so much Have a safe journey to your new home with love Janice

  12. What a beautiful post! I think it was one of your best heartfelt ones! I hope you will continue to write, because I find it refreshing, inspiring, magical, spiritual, and filled with peace and serenity. Blessings!

  13. Beautiful fairy tea party.

  14. Beautiful images Cielo. So lovely and inspiring. Best wishes on your move. Don't forget to pack the fairies too.



  15. What a wonderful post, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have inspired in me since I met you on this blog.

    Keep on writing, best wishes for your move, your darling faeries will go with you

  16. I think those sweet faeries want you to scoop them up so they can travel with you to your magical new home, Cielo! :) Trust your instincts. Trust in the Lord. He will give you your heart's desire! And no...we won't forget you, sweetie! Come back to us when you can, dear friend!!!! We will all be waiting! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  17. Ahhh...Cielo! que rico tè! y màs rico haberlo compartido contigo y las hadas! Te cuento en secreto...yo llevè mis duendes,una vez que los hago,ellos toman vida y crean magia! Este hermoso post me motivò a hacer hadas , cuando tenga alguna hecha te mando foto. Dios te llene de luz Cielo! Besos enormes!!!

  18. I had a friend who died a couple of years ago and she loved garden fairies... she would have loved your blog.

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