Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A day in my life

I have so much I want to say, so much to share and express... talk to you, my virtual friend... talk to you in hushed whispers; loud as thunder or as gentle as Cicadas' songs on a summers night... and all this just to say: THANK YOU, for being here. Always here. 

'Rosas' for you!

I don't know if you are anything like me, but I've noticed that writing down my life as it happens makes me more focus on the important things in life—things like, what I do in the garden... or how I spent all day today embellishing this plot of joy I call 'garden' under a scorching 3-digit weather... I had no one at home to prepare breakfast for this morning, but I decided I should make something special just for me... to properly greet the new day.... and thus, I made a personal potato/veggie quiche.

Made me some Cafe Au Lait to go with it...

Foamy and extra creamy... just the way I like it... 

Grabbed my Bible and sat by the window at the big square kitchen table....

The wide opened window masqueraded a magical gate to the outside. Birds were busy in their feeders, their songs serenaded my world... I listen to the birds. I smiled at the blue sky outside. I ate. I read: "Lord, I spread out my hands to you; I thirst for you like a parched land". I finished my breakfast and prayed. I should have gone out for my morning run right after that... but the garden had enchanted me by then and thus.... well, you can imagine what followed....

Summer pruning is a tough job... but the lush garden was looking somewhat shabby and overgrown; roses spread rampant; bestowing memories of Mary Lennox's secret garden, looming on the edge of some imaginary moors.   I don't know what's with roses that even in the trash they're still able to hold their beauty... I so love them...

One of the many benefits of summer pruning, is all the amount of flowers you can bring inside... I rarely cut my roses during blooming season. I prefer looking at them in their natural state in their bushes—vivacious bouquets with which you can adorn unlikely rooms... but then, comes pruning season and you can make as many bouquets as you want to bring inside...

I cut so many flowers this morning I even had some leftovers to make a rose crown for Apollo... remember that day long ago when Apollo landed in my garden all the way from atop Mount Olympus? No?  You can read all about it HERE

I have so much garden Phlox I only wish I could share some with you... love them, and the scent is dreamy...

I had a veggie bowl for lunch today...

Later, in the afternoon, I found a new furry friend visiting the garden.  This one I do sure like!  She's the sweetest too.

Her adorable “mew,” is what got me... meows specifically meant to manipulate me, I'm sure. Well, I'd have to admit it worked ;)

Wishing you a magical week,
whether shimmering with stardust
or just your glowing selves!


  1. It looks like you had a very beautiful day and you must share with us the recipe for your vegetable bowl. It looks so good. I agreee with roses, they look pretty no matter what. You do have beautiful flowers.

  2. What a wonderful day you had. I love my roses also and I also hate to cut them, but I do bring them inside.
    Beautiful post - many thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. sounds like a perfectly lovely day.

  4. And thank you my Dear, for being here, for us. :-)

    Your magical post entries are always a Joy.



  5. And ahhhhhhhhh, you do a morning run.

    Have often wondered how you manage to maintain your lovely figure. :-)

    But sigh, it's way too late for running, for "Auntie." :-)

  6. Having a nice cup of cafe au lait and a little bite of quiche with you sounds so wonderful! I know what you mean. As a little girl in the country I spent all my days with my books, my collies, cats, and imagination. I began the habit of internal narration of my activities. I see that blogging has become so much a part of my life I am able to narrate on the screen.


  7. Hello Cielo,
    such gorgeous flowers, and you can even use them when they dry out completely. I read The story on your Apollo He is indeed handsome. But I like Beatrice too. Her crown is very beautiful.
    Your new furry friend is also very beautiful. Is she a neighbors kitty? You keep on enjoying life. Its a wonderful thing.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  8. What a beautiful day you had, Cielo! I love the sweet simplicity of it- breakfast for one and gardening-perfect- xo Diana

  9. Hermoso tu dia!
    Bellisimas las flores.

  10. Such a truly delightful post.

    I love visiting you- you always seem to take us to special places - it is a gift and adventure. Thank you so much for your wonderful unique self!

  11. I simply loved every line you wrote!

    Thanks so much for sharing

    Have a great week,


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