Monday, June 3, 2013


What is it about tent trailers that so appeal my gypsy heart? 

They're alluring, and romantic. They are practical...

And a comfortable, gypsy type of a house where to speed away to distant scenes... and always in perfect bohemian style!

Plus, they infer adventure and freedom and wanderlust.  And I'm so loving it!

This morning, I cleaned and beautified both our quarters... I am so thrilled to have found these extra lovely sheer panels, embellished with beads and sequins for gypsy glitter and glam. The perfect choice for my gypsy caravan!  $7.99 for two panels at Ross!

Gypsy lantern.  Love the romantic soft light

Of course, some roses too!

And some Boho books for inspiration...

Tent trailers infer adventure and freedom and wanderlust. All in all, our "Gypsy Caravan" is just the perfect modern moving medium for the wanderer gypsy in me...

This morning I also worked on embellishing My gypsy lover's quarters. I didn't want to make it extra bohemian looking for him, because knowing his preferences in style, I knew I had to go easy on the colors and decorations.... I think it turned out wonderful! Hope he likes it too!

Less color... minimalist style; except for the romantic touch of the gypsy sheer panels--love it!

In fact I think I'm loving his side much more than mine... hehe!

That's OK, I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing residence with me! ;)

I truly love these panels... it's like sleeping under itty bitty shinning stars.

Tea anyone?

So, we're ready to make another escape into the wilderness this weekend.

Can't hardly wait for our next adventure!

Oh oh and can I show you my new extra gorgeous necklace? OK

Love love all the little shams... love it so much that this is how I see it.  A magical starry necklace!  ;)

Oh I'm ready for a dance under the full moon

to the music of  a "guitarra gitana" (gypsy guitar) ;)

Have a lovely evening everyone!



  1. I love the hideaways you take my imagination to.
    'hugs from afar'

  2. What a beautiful, inspiring post! Just what I needed this morning - I'm only traveling as far as my back garden to weed... still a girl can dream. Love the shoes, too!

  3. Just to imagine such a lovely spot and dream...Wow!
    Love the ballerinas and wishing you the best in your traveling!

  4. Love the inspiration! Have fun in your beautiful gypsy getaway! Those curtains are amazing! Perfect... Love your shoes, too... May your adventure twinkle.

  5. Oh what a great gypsy trailer. Love everything that you did to it. have fun on your weekend get away.

  6. I love this side of you, It's so fresh and whimsical Your panels are wonderful.. have a wonderful get away..with love Janice

  7. I SO love your beautiful and inspiring blog. I am always so excited to see a new post. How absolutely magical. May you have a blessed and fabulous trip in you gypsy home on wheels.



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