Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rainy days

It's been raining around here for the last couple of days... the sky's been low; leaden with torrential clouds and the garden is looking supple, and dense with the myriads of petals gifted by yielding roses; resembling the wet dark English garden of old books... I can hear the mystifying sound of raindrops hitting hard on the pebbles on the left side of the garden. It made me want to go outside and be drenched in whatever magic possesses the rain; dress in bluntness and truthfulness so vital. I am loving it. Looking outside the window at how comfortable doves and birds seem to be with this kind of weather; never fearing, as I am too, so at ease with this estrange sinuosity in which the garden has wrapped itself with, and the gloominess that transpires and fills our earth with a charming sense of stillness and haziness and mystery...

From my window—the world is at peace. I am at peace. I am so humbly grateful.


  1. I enjoyed a walk in a gentle mist like rain today, a rare opportunity in June here in California.

  2. What an evocative post. It took me back o memories long gone and made me yearn for my favourite country garden. Joan

  3. Hi there, and thanks so much for your message on my Bluebell Fairy post, it's given me the chance to meet you and find your lovely blog! I know those wet English gardens, I have one of my own and while the rain carries its own romance, it's nice to see some sunshine now and then this summer!
    What a great blog you have, look forward to keeping in touch.


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