Sunday, May 5, 2013

Magical May Days

My little enchanted garden has come alive... almost all of a sudden. Poof. Just like that.

It's magic.  It is magical. It's like walking in some strange, yet fascinating land; a place I have never seen before or can't remember being there before… even I... I am not the same person I was only a couple of months ago. I am a happy woman. Walking in enchanted shoes... walking in emerald grasses and living day and night in a place where life and magic twinkle and shiver on trees and tree branches.  I'm so so thankful!

There are fairies and goblins living here, and if you follow the will-o'-the-wisp, or ghost lights that so often are seen around here (and keep very quiet), they'll take you farther down the garden to a witch's little cottage... which, I'd have to say, I only discovered today.  But I will certainly tell you more about it later!

Fairies and goblins and witches... and oh yes my dears, EL CHUPACABRAS too! Remember my story a while ago about a very strange cat that from time to time would appear out of nowhere in my garden? You can read all about it HERE.

And so, I was minding my way through the garden the other day when all of a sudden... a noise, a murmur... a presence among the bushes.

I looked around to see what it was and this is what I saw! THE CHUPACABRAS?

I am not stretching the truth either. That's just what I saw and have the proof to show you...

Oh dear me... I almost had a heart attack!  Have you ever seen anything like this!!! Miauuu, aurrrgh!

Run, I thought!  But then I decided to be very quiet and followed him...  Poor-poor creature. He must had been misbehaving really-really bad wherever he comes from for someone to have done this to him!  Some cruel witch perhaps?  

I shooed him out of my garden very gently, and asked him never ever to come back again.  I haven't seen him again for days, so I'm guessing he understood. 

Haven't I been telling you?  Ah yes I have an enchanted garden, and anything can happen here.   If you believe only in the things you can see, then you're missing all the fun! ;) I only hope that by coming here you'll be inspired to bring a bit of this enchantment into your life.

See you soon!


  1. oh, that IS a strange cat! That tail! how did they hold it down to do that? don't want to think bout it. That first picture is scary though. But don't worry, Good Magic is afoot! You have one of my favorite lullaby's on your music station, I have sung it a hundred times....Nocturne. :D thanks for visiting me and your kind comments! Going to visit your Gypsy Tent now! :D

  2. I almost forget to say you should add that picture of you holding the blue wish ball, and then I saw it on the side! LOLOL :D:D:D its great to sing soft lullaby's .... sigh.


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