Sunday, May 5, 2013

Magical May Days

My little enchanted garden has come alive... almost all of a sudden. Poof. Just like that.

It's magic.  It is magical. It's like walking in some strange, yet fascinating land; a place I have never seen before or can't remember being there before… even I... I am not the same person I was only a couple of months ago. I am a happy woman. Walking in enchanted shoes... walking in emerald grasses and living day and night in a place where life and magic twinkle and shiver on trees and tree branches.  I'm so so thankful!

There are fairies and goblins living here, and if you follow the will-o'-the-wisp, or ghost lights that so often are seen around here (and keep very quiet), they'll take you farther down the garden to a witch's little cottage... which, I'd have to say, I only discovered today.  But I will certainly tell you more about it later!

Fairies and goblins and witches... and oh yes my dears, EL CHUPACABRAS too! Remember my story a while ago about a very strange cat that from time to time would appear out of nowhere in my garden? You can read all about it HERE.

And so, I was minding my way through the garden the other day when all of a sudden... a noise, a murmur... a presence among the bushes.

I looked around to see what it was and this is what I saw! THE CHUPACABRAS?

I am not stretching the truth either. That's just what I saw and have the proof to show you...

Oh dear me... I almost had a heart attack!  Have you ever seen anything like this!!! Miauuu, aurrrgh!

Run, I thought!  But then I decided to be very quiet and followed him...  Poor-poor creature. He must had been misbehaving really-really bad wherever he comes from for someone to have done this to him!  Some cruel witch perhaps?  

I shooed him out of my garden very gently, and asked him never ever to come back again.  I haven't seen him again for days, so I'm guessing he understood. 

Haven't I been telling you?  Ah yes I have an enchanted garden, and anything can happen here.   If you believe only in the things you can see, then you're missing all the fun! ;) I only hope that by coming here you'll be inspired to bring a bit of this enchantment into your life.

See you soon!