Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Of roses and birds

Roses given by my dear husband... just because...

Love the pink-yellow combo...

Same roses a week later... I can't really tell which I love best.  Fresh or dried; either way they speak loveliness to me...

Romantic touches in our master...

I love this yellow roses painting... a thrift store treasure, for only $12.99

New sheets... a touch of spring in our bed

Love them!

What have you been doing lately? Yesterday, I started spring cleaning the garden. Six big trash bags plus 3 binds filled to the top with debris; dead leaves and stuff gifted by an extra mean winter, went out this morning. And this is just only the beginning. So much to do our there! Do you remove the debris covering your gardens' floors after the winter, or do you leave it there? I don't like to see all that 'dead' stuff collected in my garden so I clean it all out. I even go to the trouble of removing each and every dead leaf that may be still hanging from my rose bushes... yeah! Which means a lot of extra work, plus about a dozen rose thorn scratches on arms. All worth it, really!

Today, is cold again; from one day to the next. So I'm staying inside; enjoying the birds from my kitchen window.

 What a blessing this is!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I also love love roses and have 100 plus rose bushes. I am also very picky about my garden. I can no longer kneel in the garden so I have to depend on the gardner's to do that work and they are murder on my rose bushes - so I prune them my self.
    Love your new sheets and the beautiful rose picture. Great find!
    Have buds on my roses already, can hardly wait.
    Have a great day.

  2. I prefer the beauty of fresh roses, and like your bouquet and all the charming china pieces, and your mermaid bird bath.

  3. You are such a gypsy after my own heart, sweetie! And I'm envying that you were able to work in your garden already. I totally understand your wanting to get your garden cleaned up and looking good ... right down to those dead rose leaves. I do the exact same thing! lol I just purchased some new springy linens for our bed too, and can hardly wait to dive into them tonight. ♥

    xoxo laurie

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