Saturday, February 9, 2013

Trials and triumphs

Cold...bitter cold, high winds outside. But inside.... well, inside is warm and cozy and love is a summer butterfly on the edge of the morning; hovering around each room; over my head; around my feet....

I am thankful... thankful for the trials of this past week, thankful for the peace that comes with perfect trust in God. And thus, I am up early; dancing with the shadows that soothe and warm my nest.

Lighting up candles in the early morning...

I love it... the reassurance, the coziness, the security, the pure cheer of solace.... home.

Trials, disappointments... they make our hearts ache.... but we shall fill our hearts with gladness, for we shall first pass through the darkness before we can reach the light. And thus, this week has been one of disappointments and fear, and faith and triumph. I am stronger than yesterday... I have grown in faith, I have discovered how strong I really am.  I am closer to God... angel wings on my soul too!

Change... change is a scary thing. I fear change. Do you? We shall light our Light and fear no more

Start this Sunday morning with a clean heart. No doubt, no tears, no fear, no worry.

And thank God for his priceless gifts; miracles throughout the world.

Be blessed.  Be content with who you are.  Be thankful for what you have.


  1. Wings on the soul! How wonderful!

  2. Lovely post full of meaning
    and happy pretty photos.

    Have a good week


  3. This was ever so lovely! Made me feel so very good inside. Thank you! Kit

  4. Thank you for this sweet encouraging post. Bless you.
    Much love,

  5. I love it when I find a blog that draws me back time and again. A place of beauty, inspiration and so much more. A place that 'feels' real, and wonderful. Thank you for your inspiration.


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