Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tea party with the winter fairies

Earlier this morning... I made some cupcakes...

Because pink is my favorite color, I chose pink frosting for the cupcakes... what is it with the color pink that so appeal our senses? Delicious, sweet, lovely, girly... pink, I just love it!

Then this evening.... I looked outside my window and was astonished at what I saw... Yes, the snows are almost gone! The naked trees are still naked, but one can almost forget that we're still in the dead of winter... sunshine is putting some sparks on the land lately; and that's good—that is very good! I decided, I should go out and investigate what's going on in the garden... I haven't visited the garden in such a long time...

It's so magical out here... so magical!  I see all the flowers of the future, and see all the plants and vegetation that will soon fill this place up with joy and magic... see birds, and tiny footprints winding up the garden; see so much!  I cannot begin to tell you how happy this place makes me feel... I'm certainly the witch of my own enchanted forest!

During our cold winter days here in our valley, I like to collect food for the birds; and I like to store acorns and nuts for the squirrels and make cozy beds made out of sticks for the quails. When the snows arrive and it's a blanket, soft and white; falling slow, I like to go out to the garden and make snowflakes for my hair... I truly enjoy this time of year, but oh I know... I know what strange things winter can do to my lovely garden... it can turn it in a fairyland forest where trolls, and mean winter fairies, and even Bigfoot roam about freely! Oh yes Bigfoot; only we call him Sasquatch around here.

Tell me, do you believe in trolls? Trolls have always appeared in tales of old, in far-off lands and ancient times. Hard to believe such creatures could exist in today's world, doesn't it? Ah yes. However, here in the deep mystical region of my garden (which really means somewhere between my imagination and reality), trolls and enchanted creatures do exist.... and sometimes they would come out too!

This afternoon, I decided to throw a little tea party to the mean winter fairies.  

Bad bad idea! The fairies invited their friends the trolls, they made a ton of lovely little tea sandwiches with arugula and cucumber... I brought my pink cupcakes. 

We put on a pot of blueberry tea and sat under the sunshine for a while....

We were having a great time when all of a sudden I thought I saw something... something, or someone? A large hairy creature almost humanoid behind the old bushes looking at me... creepy creepy thing...

 Bigfoot? Who invited him?—I cried. Must had been the cupcakes... something to do with the cupcakes I'm sure...

"Don't feed the trolls" is a great expression, don't you think so? Oh I must had been feeding a troll inadvertently all this time.... I must had, yes, otherwise, I can't imagine why I've been tormented by one... a troll , yes... you see, according to my own dictionary the word "troll" can also mean among many many other definitions, "your boss"... a very spiteful troll as a matter of fact...yet, it is essential that I dwell in this creepy troll infected forest of sorts... subsist—that's the word... we all need to work to survive... but working for someone you abhor it really is stressful. Oh what to do? What to do?

For now, until things get resolved, I will continue enjoying my garden and everything life have to offer with the same grateful heart and a great confident in that no matter what happens, God will open another door... unexpected gifts will come to fill my life with joy and gratefulness... "cry out to God Most High, to God, who vindicates me.  He sends from heaven and saves me, rebuking those who hotly pursue me— God sends forth his love and his faithfulness" (Psalms 57).

Thank you for being with me my friends


  1. Oh, I wish, I wish I had been there with the pink cupcakes! I told my mean troll I was leaving in May. I feel better, and you should have seen how happy that made her! Now I'm going to look for some work that will soothe my ruffled feathers. I wish I could quit today.

  2. How magical...I don't have any trolls in my garden, just very naughty raccoons ~ I think I would rather have trolls! Lovely post.

  3. I don't have naughty trolls either,just naughty black birds,who scratch my seedlings out looking for tasty tid bits. We do have pretty fairies though, flittering among the Summer flowers. It's so hot here at the moment,so they are looking for relief from the insecent heat.x

  4. What to do? Well, since you asked... it is best to look at life as "a learning experience". I once took a step down to a job that paid much more money. My boss was terrible and after five years I transferred. The new boss was ten times worse than the old one. With all the trials of the new job, I learned so much that the next position, which was a step back up, was a breeze because I had such varied experience. The bad years made the good years great! Don't let the trolls bother you now. Life is one big learning experience! Have a happy day!

  5. Hello Cielo,
    I know well the need to get outside and wander the woods, even if it is winter. Now, I may not have encountered any trolls on my walks or bigfoot, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. I have never seen a million dollars either lol!
    I am happy for your outside adventure, and even though the trolls came along. What a lovely thing to do in midwinter, an out door fairy tea!
    I am so sorry you work for a troll! What to do! Maybe a magic potion?
    I wish you all the very best protection from trolls of all kinds : )

  6. I loved the pink cupcakes and your tea party was wonderful. We don't have winters like you do but here in So CA it sometimes looks so dead and I am so happy when my tulips and other flowers are peaking up. Can hardly wait - no trolls.... the dogs keep them out.
    Happy Valentine Day.

  7. Eve of
    I hope your troll is engulfed in salt. Don't you know,...they dissolve as slugs do!!!

  8. Hola cielo como siempre hermosa tu entrada.
    Un saludo

  9. Love visiting fairies in the garden, especially when tea and cupcakes is involved. Beautiful!

  10. Hi! I loved the pink cupcakes and your tea party was wonderful.

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