Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Last week...

Another relentless winter storm blasted our valley late last Friday, but oh we were lucky to escape it.... oh yes, we did! You see, a warm orange wind suddenly swept in from the South just minutes before the snow had a chance to paint everything white again. It swept us all up at the end of the garden and swirled us across all the wheat fields, way way up in the sky.... I remember leaving behind all that freezing cold blast of air as they screeched past us; blowing the sun along with it. "Out of my way, snow, out of my way!" The warm orange wind landed us here...

A castle in a sunny land! Yes yes yes, and not just any castle my friends... If you recognize it, this is no other than Cinderella's very own palace rising high in the sky at the end of Main Street in fairytale land, in Orlando Florida... Yippee! Little Pebbles was static with joy! Her first trip to Disney!

Don't you just love her little backpack... She loved it, and carried it around ever so proudly.. hoo-hoo!

Just look at that sweet face! Love love love! ;)

No mama, I don't like those funny looking ears!

  OK, this just one for you Mima... cheese!

We couldn't make her wear the Minnie ears ;)

But boy was she smitten by Pluto!  

And loved her Pluto's ears so much.  Isn't that funny!

My girl loves daring activities like being thrown around, hand stands, and she did great with all the loud noises and scary creatures. Probably better than I did I can tell you that... The world is just too loud and stimulating to me...  Poor dear old me!  I so missed the peaceful peace of my garden and would never ever change it for all the beauty and noise of the world... ;)

But I was ever so thankful and blessed to be able to see mom and dad and sister Lissette again... and warm beaches in February, can you believe it!  Little Pebbles had a blast in my mom's garden...

 Hunting for lizards 

And discovering all sorts of treasures... 

 Oh and dancing the happy gypsy dance with her Mima, of course!

My soul grows and expands with gratitude for everything I've been giving. Want to try something?  How about saying "thank you" to someone today, say "I love you" as much and as many times as you can.  Gratitude will bring joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you.  I am glad to be back home, and be here with you all.