Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Baby love

Sky blue, lemon yellow and baby pink, almond, amaranth... fuchsia and the color of the Aurora Borealis. I have those colors on my mind lately.

And outside—oh, outside there lives a magical cat... really! Yes, I magical cat lives in my garden! And that's the truest true... You see, little Ms. Pebbles and I were strolling the gardens the other morning when all of a sudden—a ruffle of feathers, then a rumple behind the bushes and oh can you hear that? More clatter; a jangle amidst the dried leave, and then.... oh lookie lookie over there! A kitty, Pebbles a kitty!

A rather mysterious cat, I should say. He almost look humanoid to me. Oh those eyes; they contain such intelligence in them it's almost creepy. We followed this cat here and there all the way down to the bend on the garden, where he hid under some shrubs and never got out... Puff! He disappeared! Just like that. I never saw him get out and when I went to look, he wasn't there... where did he go?  Odd indeed.

Little Ms. Pebbles is looking lovely in her pink muslin dress! Can you believe this cute dress was her mama's? Yeap, 27 years ago... I kept all of Cindy's dresses from when she was a baby; pinks and baby blues and yellows and whites, and now Pebbles gets to wear them all.

 Such precious little darling... love love love!

Oh and have I mentioned it?  More roses... I got roses this past weekend from my friend Florencia...

Such pretty color...

I'll share more pics later...

Thank you for being here....
Life is so full of beauty...
let's keep our dreams alive.


  1. Beautiful!!!!I enjoyed my visit, thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh-What a sweet and precious baby, Cielo~! Your blog is as beautiful as always. I have not been visiting as much since my only brother passed away very unexpectedly. I am just now getting caught up- xo Diana

  3. sweetness in this post(:)

  4. Cielo,your little pink angel is gorgeous. Her dress is too. x

  5. Adorable little Miss she is. Love these palette dear, makes me think of a lady in Victorian period. Brilliant. Got my eye on your next posts.

  6. Nice and aggressive post. I am inspire of your post.

  7. Oh, what an adorable little one! Sweet times be yours, my friend.

  8. Beautiful photos of the magical kitty and Pebbles! Love her little dress. I think it's wonderful that you kept all of your daughters dresses.

  9. Oh, your little Pebbles is so adorable (have I told you we are waiting for granddaughter #2 in April? I just can't resist buying those sweet little baby things). Love the roses and kitty.

  10. O my I have one of those in my garden too....If fact he got into the I have to change the location...Pebbles is indeed precious in her little pink dress...I saved two or three of my 19 years olds..but she had a baby boy...Sweet Sunday with love Janice

  11. I love your magical...and I adore your music. I don't leave comments too often but I do read it pretty regularly....have a good day....Debra Sue

  12. Precious child, how beautiful! Gorgeous post Cielo


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