Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The here and now...

I want to sit at the edge of a waxing crescent moon and collect thoughts and visions of beauty; words of wisdoms… to only think of whatever is pure and whatever is lovely. But the mind must be trained on this. It is a continual struggle. And then, the atmosphere has turned blue—the blues of a pitiless January, which persist on piercing my soul with a thousand knives; daggers of ices and stalactites that freeze and obstruct the miracle of light. And there’s a whole world out there of ground-and-ceiling growths made of ice that are as intriguing as they are strange—merciless demons in ice garments; wrapping roses in attire of ices; frozen dew on the ground and the formation of ice in standing bodies of water. And inside… inside dwells an allegory; an absurdity. The atmosphere where dwells the soul is quite complex; it reflects micrometeorological conditions; ribbons and needles of ice in some intricate patterns—much like the outside.  Can you tell I'm feeling blue?

It's normal... it's January.  I wish I'd had a pair of magical ruby slippers, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz movie...

And close my eyes and tap my heels together three times... be wherever I want, do whatever I love, and feel, and close my eyes and see...

But truth be told... the beginning of the new year have been interesting, tough, long, cold, exhausting, oh, and there's a Wicked Witch of the West in my story too; only his a man... I cannot escape... I wish he would melt, like the snows melt on the mountaintop at the glorious greeting the sun gives the mountains...

And maybe... maybe I'm not as unfortunate as I may think... I know exactly how I should feel about this Wicket Witch of the West: ridiculously fortunate. And I am.  So much of this life is a state of mind. A perception. An inner attitude. And thus, I must forget and forgive, forget too that I have mistakenly reformatted my computer and lost every single photograph taken over the last four years of my life. I weep the lost. It's like a part of me gone forever... the one true constant has been my dear husband; always by my side.  I am so grateful for his love and support.  And thus,  I must open my eyes to the many blessings in my life.  Let the outside and the outsiders just be that.  Light candles in the evening, bring light from shadows and place my trust in higher places...

There will be better days... I know.


  1. Oh, thank goodness for your beautiful blog! Are you certain they are gone? Sometimes the tech repair can get them back. I'm sad for you... Lots of right clicking and saving. Do you want me to help? I, too, have the wicked witch... A woman. She wants me gone... And ruined in the process. I have been stupid and treated her with very much forgiveness... I hate to hear about your pictures most of all... But the important things are not things... We know that! I don't know if you ever watched the good witch series on hallmark, but she says, "trust and the truth will show itself."...

  2. Certainly, you are feeling blue. I think it has something to do with the weather. My shed had been my solace when nostalgia strikes.

  3. I remember the first time I happened upon your blog. It was a few years ago. It was winter and a foot of snow had fell. There was the most beautiful picture of a garden and water and birds and I thought I was in heaven. I have been entranced by your pictures and stories and musings from that day onward. Every day, I check out The House In The Roses for your latest words of the day. I know how it feels to sit in the moonlight and feel like dancing. It is what I typed into my computer the first time I learned how to use the WWW. Please....keep on with your whimsy,..your words of true feelings of the natural world that we are so blessed with. It is so strange that every time I look at your blog, you have written within minutes......Kindred garden souls?...Owner of Eden

  4. lovely winterland post! if we could go with lovely red slippers to otherlands or worlds or fairytale lands i would singn for it or to a summerland were it is always spring or summer lovely hope that spring comes soon this months are so cold brrrr jan/ feb love march and april and may greetings and a lovely day leon10

  5. Hello Dear Cielo,
    I hope your day is brighter today - my daughter (college student) shared with me that grey days confuse our minds - not quite day-not quite night, so blue days are common and give reasons for making us tired. Isn't it a marvelous thing, that light plays such an important factor in our beings - complete beings - filling your mind with 'what is pure and lovely' does help - music to me helps too. I just downloaded from ITunes Downhere's latest CD, 'Altar of Love'. The more I listen to the songs, the more my heart is lifted. I love the upbeat tune to 'Living The Dream'. Marvelous! I hope you have a blessed weekend,

  6. Oh, forgot - maybe some young technically savvy person can dig your photos out of your harddrive - I think no matter what - everything remains there. Hope so.

  7. I just stumbled on your blog tonight. I too am in that "blue" mood that clings to us after Christmas for some reason. I was entranced with your site! Your photos of the birds and nature are beautiful and serene. My eyes lit up - especially when I saw the fireflies in the jar! Brought back many childhood memories. You are not alone = I feel the same way somtime. I started blogging about a year ago and don't receive many comments. But, somehow I just love to do it and hopefully can help inspire someone as you do.

    Keep on going on!

    Carol @favoritethingsdecor.com


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