Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow in the magical garden...

Early this morning—big fluffy flakes appeared out of nowhere. Ashen speckles of snow the color of the sky, drifted down in a slow dance; like magic before my eyes. Flurries sheltered the dull landscape in fantastical designs as a low mist meandered through the garden like lost ghosts.

The empty garden...

Such beautiful feelings bring the snow in you. Yes, ‘feelings’, because one must feel things first in order to know them, or see them. And thus, feeling the snow in some mysterious place deep down in my soul, I go out—fairytales growing in my heart.

I wonder if perhaps I’m in another place. Snow does that to you, you know. You see things in a different way, the familiar and dear disappear and before your very eyes emerges this enchanted world; a world somewhat distorted and strange, yet ever so alluring and enchanting.

 Secret garden door...

It's like walking in some strange land, a place never seen before… even I, am not the same person I was minutes before. I’m someone else walking in some enchanted forest made out of icicles and trees and tree branches of twinkling stars. There are fairies and goblins in the midst, and you look at them and wonder whether these creatures have always been here or, if perhaps, the giant Father Time had them frozen from the dawn of time and just now had placed them here to tease the eye and make you believe in things that are not.


Is like escaping through some magical door. A door hidden from the world, except you know is there—behind the old roses, just at the edge of the garden. You walk on this enchanted snowy forest and, not so far from where you stand is the wolf—white as snow and towering above the bushes; beside him, a wee baby lamb. Leopards and goats, lambs and lions and little children play together in perfect harmony. Hard to believe? Well, you must remember: If you find yourself brave enough to visit this place, you must first convince yourself that truly awesome things can, and will happen. For dreams do come true. Sooner or later, they do come true.

Oh no I'm not going mad... no no. Bizarre maybe, even ridiculous at times, but certainly not mad.  That’s just how things are around here when it snows and you go out into a garden thought to be enchanted and then wander through it with all your senses awaken to the mysteries of unseen realms.

The herb border, swirling with snow flurries...

Guardian angel in the snowy garden...

Faded glories of past summers...

A snow-blasted old swing laced with a collar of winterberries and juniper

And creepy feathery creatures too...

Snow-caped berries

Birds in the kitchen...

A snowy web of winter perennials...

Entrance to the snow blanketed garden...

OK, would you like to come through the Magic Door with me? With your imagination there's so much we can see. Oh I think I just saw something… over there behind those bushes by the Magic Door. Is that you? 

You can't come by today?  No worries.  The sky is turning cotton candy pink... it will snow again tomorrow.

See you then?
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  1. Beautiful snow pictures, Cielo. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family- xo Diana

  2. Cielito, what a lovely post and as always you are a wonderful sensitive poet, my friend. I enjoyed the beautiful images of the snow coming and I miss it so much.. after so many years living here, is a white Christmas..which comes to thought to wish you and your family to continue having a wonderful and blessed holiday season and may the new year bring only the best for you all.

  3. Merry Christmas to you, my sweet creative friend! I pray that the new year brings you joyful sprinkles of magic and peace of heart! :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. Beautiful pictures!Ι love the snow!Happy new year!Georgia from Greece!

  5. Oh so nice to see snow,it cools me as I sit here after experiencing temps up to 42c. lovely pics. Happy New Year Cielo. xx

  6. Your post is wonderful. I love snow, too! It is like a bit of fairy dust scattered over real life, giving mind and body a change of scenery and, if only for a few hours or days, our world is a different place.

  7. Snows, fairies, magic, and your heart... I can imagine being there and it calms my soul. Dear friend in the roses, have a beautiful new year. Much blessings, Gayla

  8. Beautiful and inspiring! Love your fairies!! They come into my mind's eye as very mischieveous!!

  9. Beautiful post. Thanks for showing us your lovely garden in winter.

  10. Hola Cielo,aunque con un poco de retraso deseo enviarte mis mejores deseos para el próximo año.
    Como siempre tu blog una belleza!!
    Un afectuoso saludo

  11. Hola Cielo,aunque con un poco de retraso deseo enviarte mis mejores deseos para el próximo año.
    Como siempre tu blog una belleza!!
    Un afectuoso saludo


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