Friday, November 2, 2012

This and that and some autumnal deliciousness

She takes her tea with a splash of milk and a drizzle of honey...

The smallest details make the biggest difference... she thinks!

Having delicious breakfasts by the window facing the garden...

A quick and easy cheese quiche... Whip this deliciousness up for breakfast or a late-night holiday treat.... Yumm! The crust is super easy to make... I make my olive oil crust right in the pie pan which makes it simple!

And then there’s coffee at whatever time of day... oh yes!

Loving my new milk frother.   A must have, if you are a coffee lover like me...

This little frother makes unbelievably delicious froth for your lattes or cappuccinos with smooth, rich, creamy foam (just how I like mines), and in just minutes… a half dozen strokes of the plunger and your milk becomes infused with delicious tiniest of flavory bubbles. Yummy!

Strange as it was for this time of the year around here, Halloween night welcomed globins, ghosts and witches with delightful balmy weather and a clear sky that twinkled low among zillion of brightly lit flowers—yes ‘flowers’, cause stars are the flowers of the skies, did you know that? ;) Thus, we decided to go trick-o-treating this year…
Mrs. Witchy-Poo

And her sweetest ever littler helpers… the lovely Ms. Tesa (she looks a lot like her witchy Mima, doesn't she!) ;)

And the Witch's kitty... the sweetest ever little Pebbles!

Isn’t she adorable! I’m in love... I'm in love!

Pepples and her friend Bam-Bam!  So sweet 

Ms Pebble's tutu was made by her mommy. Love it! Pebble's mommy made another tutu in olive green for Mrs. Witchy Poo, but witches won't wear tutus... their favorite lamps do, however! ;)

Love how this tutu looks on my lamp...
I love it that my daughter made it with tulle used on the decoration on her wedding day. Isn't that special! Love it!

And that't it for now. Hope you enjoyed my photographs! Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks so much for visiting..


  1. It was a lovely visit. I do love your pictures~the cups and saucers, the colored glass jars (where oh where did you get those?) and that quiche sounds fab. Can you share the recipe? I never heard of an olive oil crust.
    How wonderful about the tulle, mommy made tutu for that bit of a sweet thing!
    Ruthie from Lady B's Time for Tea

  2. Oh- How cute! You are SUCH a beautiful witch!;>) The little ones are just darling and so cute all dressed for Halloween tricks.

    Have you ever shared your olive oil crust recipe? I make quiches all the time and would LOVE an easy crust recipe Have a great day-xo Diana

  3. those children are just darling.
    it looks like a wonderful halloween

  4. Precious Trick or Treater's!

    I had a gorgeous purple Witch's Hat and a sparkly black cape, for Trick Or Treat-ing this year. Made it more fun! :-)

    Love all your photos, you are a genius with a camera.


  5. Ms Tesa, Peebles, and Bam Bam are just ADORABLE! Leave it to you to create my favorite Halloween post this year!!!

  6. Just lovely.... It made me happy to read and see your good holiday.

  7. Those children look all adorable, especially Ms. Pepples with her black dress and devil's ears looks cute. Enjoyed again your dreamy beautiful pictures.

  8. Loved the photos (always do though...). Thanks for sharing!
    And may I say I am positively drooling at your posts!
    God bless,

  9. Pebbles and Bamm Bam are so adorable!
    I love it here, so happy you found me.
    I'm following you and placing your blog on my sidebar. I don't want to miss your world of enchantment!


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