Thursday, November 15, 2012

A little bit of this... a little bit of that

Morning coffee... because everyone drinks it? Because without a cup of coffee I feel strangely unfulfilled ;)

And some super yummy Mexican Pan Dulce-these little loaves of bread to accompany it...

Perfect for a dessert or a snack.

A luminous rivulet of autumn leaves in the garden.  Love it.

Autumn tends to do that to you... it helps you reunite with every little creature you may have long forgotten...  
And discover precious treasures hanging from tree branches...

It's like some new and strange world opening up right under your feet. 

And there are grapes... still to be picked up… or shall I leave them to the birds?

I have brought in some of my potted annuals. I love to look at them from the outside looking in... I love how they look framed by the romantic vintage lacey panels...

And inside... it feels like a jungle here... shadows and coziness that make a delightful winter nest...  

The last of the purple Amethyst roses...

Picked just minutes before our first flurry-briefly instance of light snow, last Saturday.

I love that every window on the back and side of my house are covered in roses, but this one is particularly dreamy… my kitchen window on the west side; covered in grapevines and New Dawn climbing roses. Dreamy in every season. 

Oh and have I ever shown you my favorite skirt? Yes, it's a skirt!

love it... and wear it everywhere anywhere all the time! I do! 

Can't believe I got rid of these shoes...  but I did.  What was I thinking?

Hope whoever find them feels extra special when wearing them... like some magical dancing shoes; like jewels in their feet. It makes me happy thinking of that.
Thank you for coming by my friend!



  1. Your post is as beautiful as always. I love your sweet roses -and those climbing your house. Your skirt is gorgeous-it suits you perfectly...and SOOO sad you gave your shoes away!;>) xo Diana

  2. How wonderful to visit with you today! I love the roses picked right before the snow.

  3. Hola Cielo, gracias por tu visita! Estoy casi siempre en

    Me encanta visitaerte! Todo lo que proyectas tiene el potencial de calmar nuestras 'almas' , desde las rosas , tu jardin , y cada detalle de los que nos hablas dentro de tu hermoso hogar! para mi es un regalo virtual El que nos haces! Se que lo sabes , pero las faldas largas te favorecen ,esta es hermosa . saludos , Rose m

  4. how beautiful is everything! thank you for sharing the beauty in your home. That Luminous Rivulet! the colors! pinks, fuchsias, magenta's, reds, golds! its crazy beautiful LOL
    We will get only less humidity here, no change which I I love when others post their pictures of the leaves I used to collect in awe. Thanks again. lady

  5. Stopping by your blog is becoming like a 'fix'! Thank you for sharing all the lovely photos!
    Love the skirt (and the shoes?? Perhaps uncomfortable? Still lovely!
    Time to go shopping!)
    Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I would make the birds share the grapes with me (I've been hooked green grapes for weeks)

    Love the skirt and the shoes.

    And all the pictures.


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