Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finding myself

When you find yourself lost, how long does it take you to stumble back upon yourself?—to find you? Have you ever felt that strange feeling that something is not quite right in your life? I mean “dissatisfaction”—such unpleasant word; a void in life, like when you look inside your heart and feel that something is not right?

My dear friend Peter Pan ("hubby"), who by the way is my greatest supporter and best friend ever, always tells me that people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be... some words of truth; except, sometimes those words seem excessively big to me—life-size words if you ask me; especially when I’m feeling stuck in unsatisfactory circumstances. And that’s the worse of feeling one can ever have. Living for survival and not enjoyment can certainly have its toll on me sometimes.

Thanks goodness for gardens and their healing powers, and thanks goodness for all the magical beings that dwell in gardens everywhere too! I mean, gardens and their ‘invisible’ dwellers have the power to always make you feel better. At least that’s the way I want to see things… and oh, these magical beings can teach us one or two things about life too! Just this very morning as I was praying in the garden, a hush of a voice being carried off by the breezes made me turn my head… it must had been a bird; but perhaps was something else?—something or someone more powerful?

That little voice told me that while some circumstances cannot be changed, I have a choice regarding the attitude I will embrace. It told me I have the power to control my thoughts and attitudes, and attitudes are such a secret powerful thing! I cannot control what happens to me, or what others think of me or do to me, but I can always control my attitude towards what happens to me, and how I feel towards the world around me. By controlling my attitude I’m mastering circumstances rather than allowing them to master me…

And that’s what I’m striving for—the impact of a positive attitude in my life; how I react to things I cannot change; not by lying to myself, but rather by living my life through a positive attitude, like looking at life through some new lenses.

It feels so wonderful finding myself back... that feeling of fullness and comfort again. So thankful. And thus, little by little I’m also finding my way back to magic... magic in the everyday.

Magic in God's creation...

...magic all around me

...and within me

Finding fairy paths in the garden too!

...And enjoying the first roses of the season…

...making lovely bouquets with lupines and roses. Love the purple and deep orange combo!

...And playing house outside even when I can tell there’s a storm taking shape around the far corner of the garden towards the east…

I can see big dark clouds soaring atop my head on the wings of a waft of air… clouds devoid of light, like some prehistoric birds above my head. But I love playing house out here.

This corner of the garden is like a fortress to me… it feels so sheltered from the world and everything else… It is also my favorite place of prayer. I just love it.

There's so much I want to share with you; what new things I'm doing, plantings, crafting, creating, my crazy creations with Mod Podge and what new skirts I have and goodies I've baked... so much I want to share with YOU, my friends; friends whom I've never had the pleasure of meeting in person, nevertheless I feel so connected with and let into my life with open arms... May all who come here be blessed. And thank you so much for your prayers and inspiring comments.

"When we are challenged this is precisely the time we need to hold on. When our fears tell us; to escape; to retaliate; to take the easy way out; we need to check with our integrity and spiritual compass. This is where security can be found-in the fruit of our commitment to a higher purpose." (Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD)


  1. Hi honey
    I came by the other night but was unable to leave a comment.
    This is such a powerful post and one I can so relate to.
    Your certainly well on your way of having a positive attitude. Anyone that can write their feelings so beautifully will not be lost long.
    Glad your feeling fullness and comfort again.
    You have inspired me to try harder

  2. "Discontent" happens for a reason is sometimes our soul telling us we need to make some changes. I have just done this. But glad you found your self again. Maybe if you take a walk in anothers magical garden you can be refreshed too? I have just today posted some pictures of some of my joys. I find their beauty the best companions. Enjoy.

  3. Your post beautifully described what has been happening with me ...and gardening has certainly been a blessing in so many ways.

    Your words inspired me to look forward and to keep going no matter what! Truly what I needed to read.

    I'm so happy that you have re-acquainted yourself with you..blessings HHL

  4. And for all this and more, I wish you peace, my friend.

    Wonderful post is OH so many ways.

    May the wonder of God's magic be in your heart and soul always!


  5. Beautiful post, beautiful photos.

    I love your garden so much! We used to have a lovely garden at our old house. It's the only thing I really miss about that house.

    You're really fortunate to have such a peaceful and beautiful place to retreat to.


  6. My garden has always been a magical place for me where I can forget what is going on in real life. We all have to go through periods in life when things are difficult for various reasons, if we didn't then we wouldn't appreciate fully the times when life is wonderful. I'm fortunate that I've always been a glass half full rather than a glass half empty kind of person but I've needed my garden to help me through rough patches many times.

  7. You have a beautiful garden. If things cannot truly change than you must let them go. We can only change ourselves. I have learned that the hard way in the last few years. Right now I am on a path to change what I can about myself. Good Luck Dear Friend.

  8. So happy to see you are on your way back to us, Cielo. Take your time smell your roses find the peace that only He can give you. Still praying for you and for me.~Theresa.

  9. Beautiful post. I'm struggling with change myself - can't decide if I'm for it or against it. I suppose life is always about change, funny how sometimes we can embrace it and other times we fight it.

  10. Querida Cielo..cuando yo estoy triste,porque estoy pasando por situaciones feas;me voy al campo,es mi lugar mágico,donde hablo con Dios y mis duendes.Ahí no tengo jardín(por ahora)pero tengo un lugar especial lleno de árboles.Dios te bendiga Cielo..y llene tu corazón de amor.Mi alma abraza tu alma....

  11. Such a beautiful, and powerful post. I found you, because I saw you in my stats. I'm so glad I did. Your blog is enchanting.

  12. Goodmorning Cielo,
    I think we all have those moments - there are so many voices out there swirling round our heads that I think we need to return to a few simple truths - to listen to our God - get back to the most important things. The most important think is to remember how much God loves us - just to think that our God - our Creator LOVED us SO much that before time began - before he created all things - He chose to love us - Jesus chose to be the sacrifice that they knew would be needed just so we could by choice have a relationship with God. Not only that, He created a world filled with beauty that declares the wonders of our God - the complexity in creation is amazing - the beauty in a single rose - the song of a bird - the rising sun and the moon - all for our enjoyment - we are surrounded by God's love. Blogging has been a joyous blessing to be able to connect - to share with Kindred Spirits. To be inspired - to encourage and to share our hearts -
    I hope you find joy, peace and comfort today

  13. I enjoyed your thoughts and your garden.
    I will reflect from what you said. I will try to enjoy my surroundings.
    how I react to the changes that will occur. As life is always changing. To embrace life with all that it offers and only control what I can control, me.

  14. And then to write about your discontent, to share your woes, to let others know completes the cycle of healing. Writing does have its cathartic powers and sharing seems to relieve the burden. With a lovely garden and a creative spirit, you have inspired your dear readers and brought them good positive vibes.

  15. Men think things are so simple sometimes but women are very complex.

  16. La magia está ahí ,sólo hay que saber verla para poder disfrutar de las pequeñas cosas y hacer de lo cotidiano grandes los momentos.

  17. Oh, Cielo, I am so glad that you are feeling more yourself. I have been worried about you, a person I have never met in real life but one I feel connected that believes in magic and the beauty of life. God bless you, my friend. I am praying that God richly blesses you and sends you smiles that touch your heart- xo Diana

  18. Pura magia!! Anche il mio giardino sta diventando molto magico; prendo il tuo esempio e metto in pratica con rami di rose sempre più lunghi e magici.
    Qui in Italia vorrei che la mia casa fosse la casa delle rose!! Con il tempo la diverrà...
    Un abbraccio immenso e una spruzzata di polvere fatata. Antonia

  19. I often feel lost in my life at my age and children are grown living there own life, be grateful for hubby for I haven't a partner. And sometimes I find it sad and lonely and get my contentment in the Garden in wee early morning hours too sitting in my chair and just listening to the birds chirping about. I try to make the best of what I have and thank God for all that he has given me I don't want for much. Life is difficult...we can make the best of what we have and control the most,but, sometimes we have no control over everything...I always enjoy my visit with you and hope to know your more each time. thank you so much for sharing you...and your thoughts with love Janice Happy Weekend...

  20. It's wonderful to read your feeling a little more like yourself and thinking more positively.

    Your garden is beautiful, I'm not surprised you find so much peace and magic there.


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