Thursday, April 19, 2012

Under the rain...

It is raining… Do you love rain? Rain gives me starry eyes, and it makes me feel dreamy and romantic inside—wistful drops of enchantment posses me… Now, I don’t know what it is, but something magical opens up inside of me on rainy days. The invisible world comes alive. And I hear whispers on the wind. And I can see invisible creatures hiding in the apple tree.

Do you think heavens might be raining tear drops down on us on rainy days, or is it more like showers of pearls?—pearls from some divine necklace that has snapped off and scattered down on us; only we get to see it in liquid form?

Oh, don’t you mind me when I talk nonsense such as this… it’s the rain—I’ve already told you. It has that power in me. But really, if you dare see the world through the eyes of imagination, and hope, I'm sure you’ll be able to contemplate life in an especially enchanting way. Not that trouble would go away sometimes, but dreaming a fair amount it certainly helps. It helps when you feel scare, or when life just doesn’t happen the way you want it to be, or dreamed it to be. Just dream your life exactly the way you want it to be any way! And hold fast onto your dreams!

Have you ever walked barefoot? I mean, outside, in the mud, under the rain? There is nothing more magical than walking on a muddy path in the sun, the cool mud oozing between your toes; the pulse of mother earth beneath your feet; musing your soul as she reminds you how she remains unchanged by time—like our Creator Himself… forever the same; unchangeable through all generations.

Forget about getting rained on, forget about calluses and pedicures… live your life freely and don’t worry too much about the “outside”. I think that woman who worries too much about their looks are missing a whole lot in life… it’s such a freeing feeling just being who you are.

Be yourself and enjoy life for what it is; every moment, every day! OK? Do that! And I’ll meet you in the garden… under the rain! ;)