Sunday, April 22, 2012

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Outside is raining petals....
Petals from our Crabapple trees, of course!

I brought home our first bouquets of flowers for the season.

The master bedroom got its own bouquet too... smells so pretty!

This corner got a pretty bouquet too!

For those of you not familiar with our "linky parties” they are basically a chance for us home and garden lovers to show off… well, just that—our homes and gardens! And all in all whatever is going on in our life that’s worth sharing! Got anything you’d like to share? Then link up! But remember:

Etiquette for linky parties

1) Link to a recent project post, and not a link to the front page of your blog, your Etsy store or a giveaway.

2) Link back to the host’s blog via a button or text link. This is a common courtesy, and it is usually appreciated if you link back in the same blog post that you are linking up.

NOTE: Because thumb links tend to slow down things a bit, I decided to use text link this time as an experiment... so try to add some type of an interesting title to attract readers to your blog! ;)