Wednesday, April 11, 2012


In late April my little kingdom grows lush and supple. Spring blossoms would burst out in a dazzling fashion show of reds, pinks and whites and, if you’re lucky, you’d be dazzled by clusters of dark to light magenta pink too. Thick like a carpet tiny petals would lay on lawns and paths to welcome you, and the tulip would tinge the ground with reds and bright yellows. My little world comes alight and alive… and me too! The crow's feet at the corners of my eyes seem less noticeable, and my pale winter skin acquires a renewed youthful bloom—I acquire new eyes that let me see life in a renewed light; that’s what it is. Like the garden itself, my soul comes to life again. The rampant energy of spring flaming inside. And I so love it!

Watching this little garden of mine grow is like taking a trip to a different place and time and coming back with a renewed spirit. Are you this crazy in love with your garden? A garden doesn’t have to be big or exuberant to be your own little paradise on earth. Just do what you can with what you have and enjoy each moment gifted to you. That’s what is all about!