Sunday, February 5, 2012


I tend to get bore with things real easy; I have to live my life in the creating ‘mode’ or else, I lose interest in things. I think that’s why I'm constantly changing things around my house and finding pretty ways to organize. I love creating new and romantic vignettes that add charm and a touch of romanticism to the atmosphere of my rooms. I don't believe in having to buy new, or pricey things to make a room feel inviting and luxuriant. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of creativity; change things around, or maybe group the things you love and already have. These small decorating touches can impart a different feel to any room. And I always love the results.

I love this round table in our master room. Right now is dressed with three layers of tablecloths all in white—sheers and solids. It’s big and it looks terrific with anything I put there. This is how it looked for a while a summer or two ago.

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