Friday, February 24, 2012

A moment in time...

Lovely, dark fog this morning in the garden. Frost on the rooftops, on the dried leaves scattered throughout the grass and on spent roses—like frozen jewels on crystal petals. I can hardly see the trees just down the garden past the fence; muffled as they are in this silent and puzzling cloud of muted whites and grays. And I liked it.

Like in a dream from which you had just woken up, I move from the window and realize I've been standing there, looking outside for a long time; or perhaps, was it just a moment in time?

I’m thinking I should go outside before this magical world of ice melts before my eyes, but I had candles here and coffee brewing in the coffee pot. It is still early and the morning calls for some cuddling up. I love when the house is this quiet, and the feeling of calmness it bestows.

May you all have a cozy weekend!