Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just writing out of boredom

I wonder what are you all doing right now… on this very moment? Has it been an interesting day for you? A boring day? I can tell you something about me—I’m yearning for warmth and radiance and sunshine and lovely sunshiny days in the garden.

It’s been super cold here today; with snow capped mountains in the distance and for some inexplicable reason I am thinking of you this very moment. Basking under the sun in a land of saguaros? Or maybe collecting oranges in the sunny orange grove of your own backyard?

Have you ever felt this strange feeling that there is another you out there? I mean a sort of a karmic soul-mate and that there must be some deeply rooted connection between you and that person from past lives?

I feel like that sometimes and have connected in such way with some of you that even though I don't know you; nor have ever met you in person feel we’re very much in tune with each other; like I’ve known you forever. We think so much alike, and there's so much that we have in common it is almost scary.

The mystery deepens when I will be about to write or post something here and then you had already post about something similar, and if I think about something a lot in one day you will end up bringing it up also. I think it means something else rather than coincidence. What do you think? How do these things happen?

Sometime ago I read that karmic soul-mates can be anybody. They are part of our soul family. When our souls are created, they become part of a soul family. Many souls are created at the same time. Not all souls will go to the same family just as not all humans born belong to the same Earthly family.

Have you ever experienced something like that in your own bloggy experience? Do share your story. I’m all ears tonight with nothing else to do! ;)