Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This and that and out for a few days...

Have you noticed how I tend to change—how my style fluctuates with the changing of seasons? I have the tendency to get very literal and serious in the winter. Somehow my frame of mind does change. I’m more solemn in the winter than in any other time of year; incline to the somber if you may, less frivolous perhaps… daydreaming turns as cold as the weather would turn and you’d hear me talking about creepy things like death and funeral songs hanging from trees… really creepy indeed! ;) I guess it’s the chill in the air—it plays tricks with my moods… and I don’t like it… I just don’t like it a bit!

If there is one thing I really miss in the winter time is summer silliness—the natural childishness that springs forth when warm weather appears and the sun is out and balmy summer breezes would wrap you up in a magical spiral of butterflies and dreams and joy… when warm sunlight goes straight through my heart and deep into my soul… it’s absolutely delicious.

My philosophy is that it's okay to grow old, but don't ever grow up completely. Having a bit of the 'inner child' is a good thing. You can keep a light and happy perspective on things. Old of body, but always young of mind—I like to maintain the balance... it's a nice place, and I share it with every creature in my garden…

Talking of gardens… that reminds me that fairies arrive while you sleep to plant ideas in your imagination… when morning comes they would run to hide in the trees, but you can always find your fairies there—in your garden. I hope you do believe me because seeing the world through the wondrous eyes of children would certainly awaken the magic that lives in the present moment. Try believing with a child’s heart and you’ll know what I mean! That, and skipping, and hopping and bouncing. Yes, and dancing as if nobody is watching... and what that means is, put your fears of growing old aside and rejoice in the fact that we can finally be ourselves and not give a darn what anyone else thinks. Freedom… there’s certainly freedom there! ;) Freedom to wear just what you want… even if this means the most ridiculous of things—like my new leopard print tights more like ‘leprosy’ tights than ‘leopard’ because I do look I have some type of skin disease-like leprosy…. OK, maybe there are definitely times when my sense of style goes a little bit over the top… what was I thinking?
So I’ll opt for some zebra print tights… I have to admit I really really love these tights… I would wear them anywhere; even to the office!

Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which very few of us do. Thus… I want to get in touch with my inner child on a daily basis, never lose my zest for life, live the present, dress up, get silly, go to the garden and talk to flowers and trees, give new names to neighborly cats in my garden… (One of my favorite pastimes ever by the way) like that cat “Morning” that showed up here ever so mysteriously last year, or that other one “Feelings”… I usually name these feline friends in accordance to their personalities; which are so different from each other—like day and night… “Morning” the cat used to show up in my garden in the wee hours of morning, and thus the name, and with “Feelings” the cat, I had this feeling Feelings could read my mind and interpret my feelings… ;) I haven't decided what to name this little guy here yet... he looks kind of ghostly to me, and not too friendly, so I haven’t come up with a name yet… any suggestion?

I’m so happy you decided to stop by… I always get this giddy feeling whenever I see you smelling the roses, or catching rainbows while on your strolls through the gardens… have I told you lately how very special you all are to me—because YOU are! So I’m brewing some Fairytale tea tonight... I hope you can stay. And I hope you like my tea… Fairytale teas are my favorite… this blend of enchanting herbs would put you in the mood for strange stories and lovely fairytales. It’s a subtly intricate tea and I just love the deeply floral aroma and lovely ruby color. A favorite tea for sipping while in the garden or walking amongst the trees... tuning us into the subtle presence of the magic of the natural world. I’m just going to set a little tea party outside, in case you decide to come by… You see, I will be out for a few days—perhaps a week or so… so if you happen to stumble upon my door on your way to whatever corner of the world you’re headed to, make sure you pause for a moment, smell the roses and have some tea!
See you then!