Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jack and the Beanstalk

Back in May, my friend Christina gave me a 2” pot of some sorts of a runner bean for Mother’s Day… “A Jack and the Beanstalk vine”—she said.

As you would imagine, I was static with joy the moment I heard the name! A magic bean vine, how excited!! Remember the story? You know how it goes: “As Jack slept, the beans germinated in the soil, and by morning a gigantic beanstalk grew in their place. When Jack saw the huge beanstalk, he immediately decided to climb it. He arrived in a land high up in the clouds that happened to be the home of a giant. When he broke into the giant's castle, the giant quickly sensed a human was near...” Remember now? A childhood favorite without a doubt!

Aside from its name and what I assumed it must connoted, I knew nothing about this little plant, or about its growing habits, or what I was expected to see. So I decided I should plant it right outside my kitchen window so I could watch it grow... maybe, if I was lucky enough, one day I would see Jack climbing it?

At the feet of my magic beans I spread some Morning Glory seeds... then I sat down and waited. And what do you know... Puff! My dinning room window got covered in just a matter of weeks...
This little vine can grow so tall and it is such a vigorous little creeper! It truly amazes me. This is what my magic been vine is looking like now at the end of the summer...

This is the lovely view I get to see every day... looking out from inside.

And in from the outside. I love how the vine has practically covered the entire window... if it was for me I would live in a tree, but I would do just fine in a vine-covered house. Wouldn’t that be grand? Oh wait, who's that cooking inside? Is that Jack?

I love this vine. I love how it offers a lovely curtain for my kitchen window... in greens speckled in orange and deep purples... truly beautiful!

What's growing in your garden? Better yet, what are you harvesting from your garden? Fall is such an incredible time of the year with the harvest of vegetables and fruits... Along with these tasks, baking, cozying up our nests for the cold days ahead, and all in all a cheer within, impossible to describe… that’s fall indeed!

May the Spirit of Fall bless your home and all who reside within.