Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Solstice and Fairy Day Party

One of my favorite past-times ever is reading long-forgotten stories from the past, in old-forgotten books from the past.

It’s like magic to me—those ancient stories and ancient books are. They have the power to transport me far beyond horizons of blue, and far beyond rain and sunshine and time accumulated under white tumbling clouds...

It's like stepping into a fairytale sometimes, or out of a fairytale, and then realize that you are that princess of the story, or the heroine, or the orphaned child who was chosen by a powerful King to replace his vacillating and adamant queen.

One particular book is especially magical to me. It’s an old ancient book; as old as the world it is, and it has the ability to transport me to another world, or another realm if you may... Usually just flipping through the pages would do the trick.

Sometimes, the spell this book puts on me is so strong that I’d have to grab the grass before my body floats up...

... and there are times when just holding it would do the magic, and I would let myself soar away on the wings of enchantment, like atop a magic carpet, drifting away into the sky... pass the trees and pass the houses below me and pass the white clouds and the wind...

Where to this magical book would take me this time, I don’t know. I can only wonder and hope it would bring me back to the house in the roses in a flash... you see, I have a delivery to make—my end-of-the-month shipment of pansy-petal cakes, sunflower rice puddings and jellies and chive-blossom vinegars to the farmers’ market and to the gourmet grocery store, and can't be late!

I simply don’t have any time to waste in bagatelles such as these! And who does! But can I tell you a little secret? The June solstice is here, and anything is permissible! Magic swirls in the air, butterflies and summer sun circle round us; we are one. And did you know that tomorrow is Fairy Day? It is a time to celebrate nature and our environment, and just shamelessly BE a fairy and ride in magic carpets!

Oh, and just in case you do have some spare time and care to read where my magical book is taking me this time (Ah yes, I think I have an idea where is sending me), you’re welcome to click HERE... but be warned, this is an addictive place and once you have fallen under its spell you will never want to be parted from it!

In linking this post, and the ‘other’ on the other side of my world to Jorgelina's Fairy Day party

Happy Fairy Day, my sweet dear fairies!