Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Celebrating Summer

The yellow-winged Tanager woke me this morning, and there was all Summer in the garden; a window swathed in roses, cool green grasses, cotton clouds on the brink of baby blue skies, the subtle perfume of honeysuckle permeating the air... Oh, I so wish I could stop time and set the earth’s clock to an eternal June! That’s how much I love the perfect days of June... but, of course, who wouldn’t love waking up to this every morning!
Straight I walk to the garden every morning—the ground covered in rose petals, Collette roses reaching up the skies, blue delphiniums diffusing beauty around me, smiling pansies and the Golden Unicorn roses saluting the morning; Nature entwining my spirit with June’s own aura. I love it all! It feels like I’m walking on sunshine... simply beholding the budding renewal of my garden brings so much delight in me. How I want to drink it all in, feel and hold each day in the palm of my hands lest I miss any part of it.
I have always admired and love images of enchanted windows swathed in roses in books and magazines, and then this morning I looked about me and realized with pure joy that I too have an enchanted window!
A pleasurable feeling runs through my body as the sun warms my skin, and there’s this sort of magic created by blossoms fluttering everywhere... I love how they cascade from above and settle down at the floor of the garden, like pools of white satin. A gift to receive and to behold...

Angels are smiling down at the garden I’m sure... I think they have something to do with all the loveliness I see around me... I can almost see them blowing magic down at the garden as they smile at me...
...But I don’t want to keep all this magic to myself! I want to share it with you! And with my friend Kathy, at A Delightsome Life, who is celebrating the beginning of Summer with a virtual party today.... so please make sure to pay a visit to see what others are celebrating, as they open this beautiful day.

A Delightsome Life

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