Sunday, May 1, 2011

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

For this Show Off Your Cottage Monday I had planned to share with you my newly decorated guess room, but you must forgive me for not doing so... truth is, I forgot to take pictures. Ah yes, I must had lost all sense of duty and responsibility! But who wouldn't! You see, something marvelous happened today... Out came the sun and all the birds decided to serenade my window—wrens, and big fat robins and violet-green swallows and the White-throated Swift and mourning doves; they all came looking for me early this morning. All my little garden friends were there too. They all wanted to show me how lovely the garden is already looking…

And so, I was outside all day today enjoying the sun and did nothing related to the inside of my house… I planted, and divided perennials, and moved some plants to new locations for better adaptability, and I even made a special house for my friends, the mourning dove couple who live in my garden, although I guess they much rather live in a house made of thorns because, again this year, they made their precarious house amidst the green leaves of the Sally Holmes climbing rose… you tell me!
I also rearranged the furniture in the porch and gave it a fresh new look with clean linen...
It was a perfect spring day, so perfect I wanted to hold still the moment for ever, hold still the slow movement of the afternoon light across the porch floor, and the measured flight of the birds against the bluest sky of this first day of May, and the sway of tulips popping out of the ground everywhere in the garden… I knew this day wouldn’t last forever, but for a while it felt like it could and that’s what I’m celebrating today! The first true day of spring in my little world! And what are you celebrating? Here are the rules: Enjoy each moment, give thanks for what you have, and link, but don't forget to link back to The house in the roses!
The House in the Roses