Friday, April 29, 2011

A giant visited my garden earlier this morning

No no no noooooo! No! No! Well, yes, we were ‘graced’ by a much unexpected snow storm last night. Snow-covered roofs had white little ghosts dancing on them earlier this morning, and an invisible giant had covered the garden in sugar. Maybe he thought that my garden was a cake and wanted to have it decorated with cream cheese frosting? Ah yes, that must be it! A giant with a sugar sifter shaking powdered sugar in the garden because everything was covered in a thin layer of something white, something that looked like sugar, but really it tasted more like snow… What would you have done? I wanted to shout at the giant for doing such naughty thing, or maybe shoo him away, but then I decided that anyone can live with flowers, even in the midst of a snow storm... even if all you have is a container and some roses from the market… at last, I can enjoy a bit of summer…. Sigh!

Rain or snow, sunshine or shade.... may you all have a blessed weekend, my friends!