Friday, May 6, 2011

If I were a bird...

Where would you live if you were a bird, if you could fly and make your house high up in furtive places? Would you choose a tree top? Would you choose a knot-hole in a branch, or maybe a burrow in the ground? Perhaps you’d prefer a chamber in a tree, or maybe an enormous rotting pile of vegetation and earth, or a mud dome with an entrance tunnel? What would you had chosen for a home if you were a bird?

There is a bushy island of some type of tall gnarled and twisted trees with curly branches in my neighbor’s backyard that I adore... they remind me of the garden at the Burrow in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The trunks of these trees, or tall bushes, are knotted and twisted as well, not just the branches, and birds seem to love them as much as I do. That’s where I would live if I were a bird... however, today, for some unthinkable reason I have my mind fixated on another tree for a house... Ah yes, if I were a bird, today I will chose to dwell amidst the flowers of any of my three flowering cherry trees.

There is something magical about a flowering cherry tree... regardless the variety, they bring to mind spring, life, and beauty... gorgeous soft white and pink blossoms, elegant white flowers, snow white flowers, unique form, clusters of vibrant pink blooms... no other tree knows how to welcome spring better than the flowering trees.... but I don’t have to be a bird to be able to enjoy a lovely flowering cherry tree, would I?

May you all have a lovely and magical weekend my friends!