Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A day of prayer

Our homes are our refuge and a sanctuary from the troubled world we live in, it is the place where we feel the safest and the object for which we work and labor. We work hard for everything we have in our life, we collect and gather things to embellish our home to our heart's content, and if you’re like me, the thought of home would give you strength throughout your busy day and help you bear the daily burdens. In part, that's why we blog too! Can you now imagine what those people who have lost everything to violent weather in our country must be going through?—not to mention the loss of lives… The devastation, the hopelessness, the fear, the anxiety… my heart goes out to them. After watching the evening news today, I felt compelled to do something I normally won't do here--bring God into your thoughts. Thus, I'm bringing my frugal thoughts to a standstill to lift up my heart to the Lord in prayer on behalf of the people and survivors affected by the catastrophe that befell Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Joplin, Mo.

Would you not care to join me? Praying online? Yes, just leave your comment if you feel impressed to do so, and it will be considered part of this virtual prayer chain to bring hope and strength for the homeless and those who’d lost loved ones… Imagine a prayer made out of people from all over the world! If you’re here, please don’t leave without adding yours.

Ps: You don’t have to leave a written prayer if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. The sincere comment has the same power.