Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's a party!

Is the weather behaving any better in your part of the world yet? It’s been raining here again, then it’s sunshine for a while, then more rain and wind... I don’t like cold; especially cold winds... the other day I was outside trying to clean the garden but the wind kept up all afternoon.... I tried to spread the pink shabby chic tablecloth over the table in the garden, but out of nowhere the wind suddenly kicked up... the tablecloth snapped out of my hands and floated across the garden like a child had draped it over his head and was running away with it...
It was one of the elves I’m sure! So I said... hey you, come back here! The little rascal didn’t listen and run away with my favorite tablecloth... Are the garden fairies playing tricks on you too? Oh yes, if you listen closely you would hear the sounds of little fairies laughing at you too! Come to think about it now, I’m almost certain it was him who took my tablecloth!--this little rascal of an elf you see here!

He’s a grumpy little thing... and he’s extra mad at me these days for what I did to him, which I can perfectly understand... You see, I tried to antique him with some acrylic paint in greens and browns and whites, but it didn’t turn out that great, and so, the moment he saw his reflection in the birdbath water he was super mad at me.... ouch!

So what is one to do on days like these? I decorate my house. Do you love decorating your nest as much as I do? And, do you have a room you're just dying to show off? Well, here is your chance! The house in the roses has decided to throw a party on the last Show Off Your Cottage Monday of the month—April 24, 2011. And we’re inviting you to participate! All you’ll have to do is send me a photograph of your favorite room (only one per person, please!) and we will showcase it right here in our SHOW OFF YOUR COTTAGE MONDAY along with every other participant photograph!

REMEMBER: I’d need your photographs as soon as possible! If you are one of those who’d rather go along with your own theme, you are still welcome to link and participate as you usually do. But I have a hunch you would love to see that special room you’re so proud of featured right here along the others, on the day of the party... So don’t delay! SNAP SNAP SNAP....!! And send me your photograph. I have prepared this special Show Off Your Cottage Monday little logo for you to copy and paste into your blogs to advertise... yippee! I can hardly wait!

See you super soon!

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