Thursday, April 7, 2011

Counting our blessings

There are days when the sun doesn’t shine enough, and there are days when life doesn’t seem fair, or doesn’t feel right enough or pretty enough… I know. I too have felt that way many a time. But when I look around me I soon realize that there are others out there less fortunate than I. Life becomes so very precious to me then. Have you thought lately about how lucky you are to be alive? I don’t want to wonder through life with a thick cloud of fog covering my eyes, do you? I know you don’t. Let’s do something then… let's look around us and appreciate the moments and things that we have in the time of the present… And that include the people we love! I’m counting you among my blessings! ;)
These are just a few things around me this very moment that make me happy…
Be Peaceful.
Float Away.
Have a most beautiful weekend
my sweet friends!