Thursday, March 10, 2011

A magic box

A box—an unexpected delivery; a magic box filled to the bream with all sorts of delightful things came from faraway... a symbol of love and friendship.
And so, I rush to open the box—happy fingers bell-like giggles heart blissfully surprised... Tinkerbell and her scort of chubby cherubs must have been fluttering around with pure glee I’m sure!

Out of my magic box came this—a bundle of sunshine, a glimpse of a happy smile, a soul gleaming with joy, a heart beating with thanksgivings and appreciation, beside all other sorts of material treasures... and everything, enveloped in the most loveliest of a scent; the scent of roses and fairy-like dreams! I knew right there and then that the intention of the sender had been fulfilled. I was gleaming with the joy of a child. The gloominess that for the last few months had accompanied me everywhere was gone... like magic!

I found a phone number somewhere in that box, and so I run to the phone to express my gratitude to the fairy who sent the magic box... on the other side... a voice! The gentlest of voices, the voice of fluttering wings I’m sure and of the stranger-friend who sent the gift: My dearest blogging friend Sandra!

Truly, when I started blogging three years ago, never in my life did I ever thought I was going to meet people as kind and warm and honest as the ones I have found through my blog, but you always get attach to some special people more than others... and that’s Sandra for me. What a beautiful and gently soul she is... wonderful feelings run through my heart. Her kindness has touched me deeply… This is what I love about our blogging community: the sisterhood that bind us… We touch other’s life with tenderness by sharing our personal world and what we have, and in return, others fill our cup with love… we share dreams, laughter and sorrows beyond the starts above…. you have no idea how much I value all of YOU!