Friday, March 11, 2011


Sunshine, shade, fruits, flowers, roses, myriads of feathers, birds and butterflies—all my senses are aroused… It feels like a dream, it feels as if I’m walking on cotton candy clouds. Summer, how wonderful you are! Well, yes yes this is just a dream, of course! You see, I was just looking at some old photographs of my garden and all of the sudden I felt this warm feeling embracing me; a magical wind sweep me up into the sky! A happy feeling of wonderful thoughts of sunshine and spring and summer… Ah yes, I'm already hearing the voices of the garden calling me; Nature inviting me to join her and sing that chant of the seasons and time and celebrate the great event of the arrival of the mellow seasons! And so, just in case you end up here over the weekend, I am leaving you a few images to inspire you and fill your heart with joy!
Psssss….! In case this wasn’t enough to make you feel better, I’m sending my fairies your way across distance and time with a little parcel filled with magic just for you! Ah, I want you to feel it, really feel it; feel life, feel happiness with your very own fingers if you have to… Love and be loved, sing and shout joy… do you feel better now? Do you not feel the magic? Oh I hope you do!
Have a wonderful weekend my friend!