Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long Weekend joy!

To all my readers here in the states, did you all have a lovely long weekend? Oh I did! Aren’t long weekends marvelous? My Monday was perfect! Breakfast with dear friends at our favorite coffee house in our lovely downtown, a beautiful sun filled day (although cold-cold) and a little bit of shopping delight. Then I finished the day with tidying our nest. I so enjoy arranging and rearranging things around my home. That’s one of my favorite thing to do ever! ;)
I dream of decorating our smaller guestroom in something like this picture below. Do you love turquoise? I love turquoise! This color has the power to almost always remind me of a delicious icing-trimmed cake...
and then there are whites as fluffy meringue cakes, and heavenly rooms and furnishings kissed with cotton candy pink!
Lovely rooms being loved in wonderful homes around the world. And don’t they just look extra gorgeous!
The first picture comes straight from our very own The house in the roses, the second from City Cottage, the third one from A beach cottage, the fourth from My shabby streamside studio and the rests from all over the Internet! Thank you for being an inspiration!
Such beautiful style too!