Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On a winter's day

What is one to do on a cold winter's day?
Winter is the season of calm. I like to follow my instincts, and give in to my January moods on cold winter days. I go to the kitchen, brew a pot of tea and gather my favorite gardening and home decorating books and magazines. Over there, by my favorite window, there's a magical spot I love to sit. Do you feel what I feel? The delight, the anticipation... the room is bathed in light, and I'm here sitting on the floor, quietly, enjoying the moment... just doing nothing.
Spring is still in a distant future around here, but at least the darkest days are now behind us. I'm already thinking 'spring'. In anticipation to earth's rebirth I planted many spring bulbs last fall. I can't wait to see the first snowdrops appear. Meanwhile I'll keep enjoying my pile of gardening books and magazines. I love dreaming about what I'd do in my garden comes spring. I open my books and let my imagination fly. My head is filled with colors and flowers, I want more snapdragons (I love snapdragons) and more foxgloves and lupines and Sweet Williams, and I'm thinking of adding some new structures and more climbing roses. Ah yes, I do want some more roses in the garden! To remind myself what treasures lay out there under the snow, I posted some pictures of last summer. The lovely memories captured in these pictures make me look forward to the new gardening season even more!
Are you thinking of spring too? Remember: Mail-order catalogs online offer a wide variety of seeds, annuals, perennials, herbs, and gardening tools! Time to order now for an enchanting garden later!
Have a lovely day!