Friday, January 28, 2011

Dreaming in Holy Land

Remember the song that goes something like, “tell me did the wind sweep you off your feet, did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day…” Well, yes! I mean no, I wasn’t swept off my feet by wind, but yes, after rain and wind went away, I did get the chance to dance along beautiful sunshiny trails and beautifully bright mornings… It is so beautiful here and so wonderful to be able to wrap myself in sunshine and warmth. I am always amaze at how the sun shines here in the south… it seems to have a different illumination here, sort of a magical and wonderful brilliance that I cannot find in the north… sunshine and warmth—it makes me shiver with content and joy, and it makes me want to dance… and dance… At some point during the day yesterday, something got over me... I felt I was being transported to the Holy Land… And perhaps I was!
We got to share bread and wine with some very special people...
And we witnessed the most amazing happening of all times. It was really astounding, and I was lucky to have it all captured in memories forevermore…. Hope you all have a blessed and sunshiny weekend!! I’ll try to post my “Show Off Your Cottage Monday”, but I might not have Internet where I’m going next, so if you don’t see my post there, now you know why.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hello from stormy Florida!

The day before yesterday we left our snow bound little world and went out looking for sunshine. After what it seemed a very long and exhausting day we finally end up in a breezy orange field—actually a place called Orlando, in Central Florida. I love it here and we usually come here every year when our little valley gets rocked by winter's best. But the weather here is not honoring our wishes of sunshine and bright mornings this year. We were under a tornado warning this afternoon… tornado watches were issued throughout Florida as strong storms came off the Gulf of Mexico. And there was heavy rain tearing bits of cloud, and a wisp of mad air whistled through the trees bringing swirls and swirls of leaves that reminded me of fall. A sort of blue rain fell down all afternoon from the dark clouds, and then there was the terrifying sound of thunder and flashes of lightening. I love rain and rainy days, but I’m terrified by lightening… tonight I will dream of clear waters and perpetual sunshine. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day…

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Welcome to "SHOW OFF YOUR COTTAGE MONDAY", a blog party I host at the beginning of each week to celebrate the things we love about our homes and how we live.
The House in the Roses
This week I decided to show what I have on my dining table for a centerpiece right now. And of course, an excuse to also show you my new long and wide burlap table runner (From Pottery Barn - I love that store). I always enjoy changing things around my house according to the seasons, but must of all, according to my mood. And this is what I'm loving right now. Rustic, understated elegance is what this jute runner will give your table. I really like this display so it may be here longer than usual.
What are you celebrating? Please take us there, and make sure you link back to the house in the roses for others to find us and join in the fun!

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's a girl!!!

Hi ya there friends! I have an extra extraordinary announcement to make! Grandma is ‘having’ another baby girl!! Yes yes yes—! Our daughter Cindy is expecting her first baby and we found out yesterday is a girl!!

Is a gift that sends my heart aglow! We are blessed. I am blessed. Our garden is blessed! As spring approaches, precious moments await there... soon it will be June!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I went hunting for treasures at my favorite thrift stores the other day... the treasures were awesome, and things were priced at like 50 cents. I found a bag of gorgeous lace pieces for a buck...
And some other beyond fun stuff I schlepped home; like this lovely cherub you see here... Can you believe he is a candle holder? Yes, he is!
I wasn’t particularly impressed with the 'cherub-candle' look though. I was sure my little cherub could do more in life than just being a candle holder. So he hold some faux flowers for a while...
Still couldn't agree with the look! Then I asked him if he would hold my lace ends and he agreed! I immediately loved the cottage feel of cherub and lace together!

Wishing you your definition of a perfect Wednesday! xoxo

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Welcome to "SHOW OFF YOUR COTTAGE MONDAY", a blog party I host at the beginning of each week to celebrate the things we love about our homes and how we live.
The House in the Roses
Romantic style decor... I don’t plan for it—it just comes naturally in me!
Try as I might, I can't think of anything more romantic that roses. And I'm so terribly missing mines!
Dainty, vintage china also brings a romantic air to any room...
Romantic is feminine, and I’m such a girly girl!
What are you celebrating today, in your life or home? Please take us there! Link, and please don't forget to bring your friends over by linking back to the house in the roses!

Friday, January 14, 2011

In the pink

Pink... who doesn’t love pink! I love pink. Some colors relax, others excite; pink does both. It provokes romance and glamour, and it is the color of love's first blush. Pink delivers feel-good emotion in the same way that a rose blooms, one petal at a time. Oh I’m definitely giving in to pink's pretty power!
Visit Beverly, at How Sweet the sound for more pink delights!

Happy Pink Saturday!