Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What' your favorite dessert?

One of my favorite desserts ever, is ice cream... but not just any kind of ice cream, I'm talking about the ultimate coffee and chocolate treat - the awesome taste of robust coffee ice cream laced with delicate shavings of bittersweet chocolate. This stuff is the best!
And did you know that ice cream tastes SO much better in a crystal goblet?
Ah yes, when no one is looking and I don't give a 'thought' about counting calories, ice cream is always my favorite dessert!
What's your favorite dessert?
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  1. Yours would be my ultimate ice cream flavor.
    But I love a good yellow cake, or anything decadently chocolate, or creme brulee.
    Guess I can't really answer your question, except to say that I just love sugar. The more, the better.
    And I love to bake.

  2. Mmmm,mi helado favorito es el de chocolate granizado y dulce de leche.

  3. "Yes" that COULD be my favorite flavor alongside Peanut butter with the same chocolate shaved bittersweet dark chocolate...MMMMmmmm!

  4. Coconut cream pie is my absolute favorite, honey, but Cold Stone Creamery ice cream is a very close second. I have them mix the chocolate with coffee and then drizzle in hot fudge or chocolate. It is the ultimate rich ice cream, chick!!! Yuuuummmmm...

  5. Homemade Apple Pie with a piece of strong sharp cheese on the side!!

  6. Vanilla ice cream with Creme de Menthe, especially when it is hot during the summer, but all these suggestions sound fabulous!
    Tina xo

  7. ¿Mi postre favorito?....mmm ¡arroz con leche! ¡me encanta el sabor de la canela y el limón juntos!
    ¿cómo se dice arroz con leche en inglés?
    Besos desde España

  8. Well, I have a double love-first and foremost is Key Lime Pie (I make it the best-lol) and then I love just plain old vanilla ice cream. My special "treat" everyday is Starbucks Sugar Free Vanilla Latte. oh...so....good...

    I just found you by schlepping along from blog to blog. I am now a follower. Beautiful blog! Diana

  9. Pie is my favorite dessert, but I have to say this looks pretty darn tasty.

  10. Love the ice cream dish!!!
    I drool over cheese cake,but lately I have been indulging in apples pie, cake, bread...due to our abundant apple tree....still yummy.

  11. I have two favorite desserts...I love plain cheesecake and baklava ...both so simple and yet so very decadent. It's hard to get me to share with anyone when i'm eating either of those :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  12. Hi Cielo,
    that does look yummy! I am afraid I have too many to list but I am looking forward to making a peaches and cream pie.



  13. mmmmmmm looks yummy...my fav ice-cream is peppermint choc chip but lemon meringue pie is my favourite dessert ever!

  14. I just made a caramel base with peanut butter chip cookie dough ice cream today and was snacking on it while reading the lovely tablescapes. My sister claims that ice cream tastes better when the spoon is silver too! I love your plates, everything is combining to make that ice cream lucious!

  15. Ah, so that's when the calories in ice cream don't count...when no one is looking! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  16. Ow Your favourite dessert sounds lovely! I have a whole list of favourites:

    Tiramisu (both Limoncello & normal)
    Creme Brullee
    Griesmeelpudding met bessensap
    Greek yoghurt with honey & walnuts
    etc etc

    But I am strong had to loose 2 more kilo's so for me just nothing...

    Thank you for the pictures can almost taste it!

  17. Beautiful pics! I've always been a pie and cookie kinda gal, but my new ice cream maker is winning me over!

  18. I'll have Cookies and Cream ice cream, please and thank you!

    I also adore any lemon dessert, Key Lime pie, simple pound cake with strawberries, chocolate chess pie (the recipe makes two pies!!!), and fruit cobblers with vanilla ice cream.

    Oh, did I say Coke Floats ...?

    Serious yum!


  19. hi cielo,
    your dessert looks very delicious
    and i think in this crystal goblet
    looks the dessert absolutley perfect
    my favourite dessert is
    homemade vanilla ice
    mousse a chocolate
    lemon tarte
    have a nice day,

  20. This sounds wonderful. I love homemade ice cream, just a scoop in a cup of very hot, very strong coffee. Bliss,

    cinnamon ice cream is not far behind ......

  21. Yum, this sounds delicious, Cielo. I like hot weather, too. I'm dreading when winter comes again...summer is passing so quickly. My favorite dessert...too many to name a fav. :)

  22. Ice cream is my favorite, too...orange/pineapple...your dishes are beautiful, love the borders, especially the cream plate.


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