Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stormy days

We are having a blissfully gloomy day around here... high temperatures have been replaced with cool, rainy clouds and you can see the occasional lightning and hear the far off rumble of thunder across the skies. Although lightning really scares me, I love the music thunder makes, and I love the feeling of coziness and relaxation that comes with cloudy stormy days... a perfect moment to run to my "cubs den", light up some candles and cozy up!

Ah yes, I love it here in my girly cubs den, especially during the rainy season. This is also my special "winter" hideout... the place of all places to be and just do as I please and decorate as I wish! I have to be very careful when decorating around here, you know... nothing would offend my male pixies more than having to live in a girly frilly pinkish home... Males pixies are not allowed here anyway, and they won’t come even if I let them... Which is perfectly fine by me! So today I'm claiming this room all to my royal self! Oh a blissful moment of thunder under the spell of candlelight... Wonderful!

Do you have a special place to call "your own"? Oh I hope you do!