Sunday, June 27, 2010

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Welcome to “Show Off Your Cottage Monday”, a blog party I host at the beginning of each week to celebrate the things we love about our homes and how we live.

The House in the Roses

Do you love textile? Are you like me in my obsessions with pillows and table linens? The other day I realized that I have boxes full of tablecloths and fabrics just waiting to be used for something... Are you like that too? Oh yes, I'm in love with textile, the charm of fabric, the softness, the blending of colors and different textures... There is something rich and dazzling in the mixture of fabrics. There are blues with hues that remind you of the beauty of aquamarine, and there is the romantic colors of beryl, and there is the lushness of pinks and the warmth of yellows and celadon, peach, lilac and other rich pastels.... their combination is just pure bliss... So, can you already guess what I'm celebrating today?
I'm such a fabric fanatic, and these pictures are so beautiful... unfortunately I can't remember where I got them from, so you'll have to forgive me for not giving the proper credit... and what are you celebrating today? I would love to hear it.