Thursday, August 28, 2008

WHAT makes you feel REBELLIOUS?

This is my blog, right?

And in my blog I can be whatever I want to be, and I can say and do whatever I want to say and do, even if in real life I would never ever do what I say here I’d do. Right? Well then....

1: I refuse to work, or write, or talk or pay the bills... (I can almost hear Huck's pap here: “Who told you, you might meddle with such hifalut'n foolishness, hey?”) But that’s OK. I still refuse! Especially the “having to go to work part of my dream”... I refuse to be sequestered at the office all day until I retire or die! I refuse! I refuse! I refuse!

2: I refuse to wear a bra: bras are a pain—a physical pain! Yes, I'll burn every one of my bras as a sign of liberation and in the interests of wellbeing. I hate bras digging into the flesh, leaving deep marks in my ribcage, I hate the discomfort they bring on my shoulders, and on my back, the pinching, the wire stabbing... no, Victoria! I got the right size... but you can keep your secret along with all the uncomfortable “underwire, hold-it-all-still s...!” Contain, restrain, and pain equals wearing a bra! Believe me, not having anything cutting into your shoulders and mid-section is really wonderful. And it's nice to know we are reducing our risks of breast cancer by doing what feels good.

3. Come to think about it now, I also refuse to wear clothes... and shoes! No shoes hampering my toes or cramping my legs. I’ve come to the conclusion that the older one gets the more bothersome clothes become.... there is always something pinching here, something nagging there, something suffocating you... taking my shoes and clothes off at the end of a busy day is similar to the feeling when you have eaten your belly full at a restaurant, and you loosen your belt.. Ahhh, how wonderful it feels! No wonder Adam and Eve became such unhappy people after God had to dress them...

4. I refuse to ware makeup. Do you wear makeup? Have you ever dared leave the house without wearing makeup? Not me! I’m scared of my "no-make-up-face”. Wearing make-up or not, is a matter of looking at yourself in the mirror and not knowing whether you're Dr. Jeckyll or Mr. Hide... but I feel rebellious today, so I'm still refusing to wear makeup! There are few other things I refuse to do, but I refuse to say it here... so that’s it for now! Guess what I’d be today and the rest of this week... Fairy or witch? ummm, I'll just be who I am! Listen! The wind is rising and the air is wild with leave... the garden is calling me... must go out to it!

Art by: Madame Aradia - the garden witch


  1. Oh how I agree! The no bra, no shoes, no makeup... you are so talking my language. Cute post but, we all know what a beautiful fairy you really are!

  2. What beautiful pictures! I'm with you on the shoes. I tell my kids we won't eat or wear clothes in Heaven--hence, no laundry; no cooking; no dirty dishes :) Now, we all feel better :)

  3. Tell it, Sister! I agree 100% with all your hated "have to's". I think Huck pap would say work never did nobody no good! Loved the art work--especially the woman swinging. When I think of childhood, that is one of my fondest memories (and I swing often with the grands if there are enough swings for us all). To me, it is like flying--what a lovely freedom from gravity that would be.

  4. Ooooh, maaaaan, you're loosened your girdle, didn't ya, chick?!?! LOL LOL I just LOOOOOOVE this post. So unlike your usual self, sugar. Bra?? I refuse to wear one unless I'm at church....MOST of the time. :-) But I wouldn't wear one at all if it wasn't for Glamorize. Those are the best bras in the world.

    Shoes??? I fight with my podiatrist all the time about wearing shoes. I hate them!!! I wear socks around the house but just absolutely refuse to wear anything else except my Uggs in the winter.

    You're my kinda chick, honey!!!


  5. Couldn't agree with you more...

  6. Oh baby! I'm with you!
    I'm feeling VERY rebellious today. :)

    Great entry!


  7. How come you'd never do in real life, what you say here? How come?

    #1 - Do you really "need" the money you make, by being sequestered in an office all day, till you retire? Do you? Or have you simply deluded yourself into believing, you need that money? To buy things... When you take into consideration the true 'price' of your purchases, the true 'price' paid by your going to work daily... Do those purchases look so 'necessary,' any more?

    #2 & #4 - These things are completely dictated by the current fashion mores. Totally. If you'd really feel better without a bra, and without [maybe as much] makeup as is your usual way.... Why can't you make those changes? Public Opinion, that's why.

    #3 - Sounds as if you are already doing this one, at the end of your busy day. Perhaps you can up the time, to when you walk in the door, after work? Well, unless you've already dropped the job, as not being worth the wear & tear on yourself. >,-)

    I'm glad you have more things in mind, which you don't want to share here, at present. If you are feeling like being your true self, you need a bunch of things on your plate, to change!!!!!!!!

    But oh my, just for today and the rest of this week?

    May you always be Just Who You Are, dear One!!!

    IF NOT NOW, WHEN? :-)

    Aunt Amelia
    [Who doesn't work outside the home, or wear a bra, or wear much makeup]

  8. Hi Cielo,
    Thank you for your comment about my mother. She is an incredible person!
    About what makes me feel rebellious: It is when someone tells me to do something, I rebel.
    It's interesting how we are all different about what makes us feel like rebelling.


  9. Bravo ....
    especially about bra,
    I don't like bra.

    My best wishes to you and your family!

  10. Oh, Cielo ~ You are so cute! Rebellious or just you ... hmmm!

    As for a bra, I do like things all pointing in the same direction at the same height at the same time.

    Hugs, TTFN ~Marydon

  11. Dear Cielo.....I thought I was visiting the wrong blog....rebellious Cielo...... you could never be a witch.....

    I loathe shoes....I could give them up quite easily.....I never wear shoes inside the house.
    When I garden I do not wear a bra or make-up....I prefer a natural look myself.
    I have not got the perfect face but it's mine and I love it......

  12. Ok, I love the no shoes, no make-up but the bra thing when gravity had had it's way just won't work. But more power to those of you who can.


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