Saturday, May 19, 2012

My back porch

A garden without a pleasant porch where to pause and rest is an unfinished dream to me. My dream porch doesn’t have to be necessarily amazing, but it would definitely have to have a garden beyond it, and preferably a view, but over all, it would have to be an expression of my heart; a place of beauty within my means of living and passions...

Most of the things I have in my back porch have come from thrift stores, but I’m not ashamed of this... every pillows and every petal here bears the song of my heart, and I am a happy soul. A presence bigger than all my troubles moves around me when I'm here. I can see it hovering over the canopy of the garden. It mellows my soul... I rather be here than in any other place in the world...

I enjoy decorating my little nook and change the look often too, as I get tired of looking at things. Every season my porch bears a new look, the decoration is different, linens and pillows change with seasons and moods, but the style is always the same romantic style...

Right now our porch is a billowing green corridor of curly grape vines... the vine has taken over it in a delicious way... it's like living inside Nature, or in a living tree.

Three layers of tablecloths is always prettier... would you not think so?

I like to call our back porch "Flora", as in botany. Does anyone else ever catch themselves doing that? Do you name things like I do? I wonder if I'm the only one out there who does that... I mean giving names to inanimate objects. What's the vocabulary term for doing this? Anthropomorphism? Ah yes, I love to give personality to inanimate objects. Life is more fun, and interesting, when you give things humanistic qualities, I tell you... I even talk to inanimate things. Really, I do! Like when I step over a flower or plant, or when I have to push aside the bulky branches of a tree to find my way in the garden... "Excuse me Mr. Fred"—I would say... "Oh, I didn't mean to step on you Ms. Petunia". And so on. Silly? Perhaps bizarre? Oh yes I know! But you know what? I'm not ashamed by this either; not a bit ashamed... ;)

“Isn't it fortunate I've got such an imagination?" said Anne. "It will help me through splendidly, I expect. What do people who haven't any imagination do when they break their bones?"
(Anne Of Green Gables)

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