Saturday, October 26, 2013


My dear sweet friends... I hope these last few enchanting days of October find you well.   And what can I say of the things happening around here? Ah something really strange and wonderful and beyond marvelous took place the other day here in the garden...

A celebration. A buzzing of bees. A fluttering. A flapping of wings. A black cat scurried by. Some mysterious shadows under the arbor.... And oh roses... roses roses... lovely, beautiful roses everywhere...


Rose bushes wobble shaggy green heads;

Thin woody arms stretched wide opened—giving giving... 

a profusion of petals everywhere!  

It was truly magical!  Truly enchanting

and after all, perfectly normal.  

You see, this is the house in the roses.  Is it not!   

This was just how my magical garden decided to offer its final goodbyes.

I couldn't ask for anything lovelier, or more enchanting!


Fragrant Cloud roses, Unicorn roses, Distant Drums roses, Cinco de Mayo roses, Queen Elizabeth roses, Intrigue roses, Charisma, Sun Sprite, Chicago Peace... the profusion of roses in the garden during these last days of October was beyond magical and I dare say miraculous.   It was almost hard to decide what to do with so many roses... and I should say that's not exactly the right thing to say, right? Who wouldn't want to have this many roses to collect?  Roses are always welcome.  But what to do with so many roses now that my house is practically in total chaos?  Everything boxed up... boxes and boxes scattered around an almost emptied home...

I shared some with my daughter,

and the rest I placed in a special magical box to let dry there as they please

and take them with me...

as a memorabilia of lovely magical days spent at a home called



Witches too came to offer a proper goodbye...

sweet enchanting witches in silly tutus...

naughty witches too.

I saw one of them swinging from the callery pear tree...

"wee-wee"—she taunted and laughed...

swinging; swinging higher and higher... 

Her striped covered legs almost reaching as high as the highest tree tops... 

Yipee! A rush of dried leaves swirled and fluttered around her...

She must had fallen off the tree me thinks because all I can remember is just seeing a swirl of crimson leaves and striped legs mingling up in a sorts of a blurry hazy vision...

When I looked again, she was gone.  Just like that!

She did leave behind some clues...
for me to follow her up all the day down to Hollow Woods, I suppose! 

Oh I'm sure I'll be seeing them witches again.  

If not here at the house in the roses, wherever I may be...

but we'll meet again for sure!

The moving trucks will be here early tomorrow morning. They will be taking all of our humble possessions down the Yellow Big Road of life, where a new chapter in the book of our lives will be written.

What I have lived and left here at THE HOUSE IN THE ROSES it cannot be re-lived; it cannot go with me. Therefore, I am gathering every memory, every joy and tear sown here into a bouquet of what constitute my story, and leaving it here.... right here, in this blog. Where they belong.

I will not be writing here any longer. This blog ends with the end of our days here. I must start a new blog once we're settled in our new home. In the mean while, whenever possible, I will be sharing our road adventures with you, HERE. Our gypsy caravan is ready. We are taking it with us and we will be stopping along the way to rest and camp.

It's been delightful and, so rewarding in so many ways, getting to know each and every one of you.... I'm taking you all in my thoughts and in my heart of hearts...


  1. Oh Cielo- I will miss The House In The Roses-but even more I will miss you. A soul that lives life to its fullest. Please keep in touch. Blessings - xo Diana

  2. I will miss your House In The Roses and all of its beauty that you shared with us. I will be following you on your Gypsy Caravan. The best to you on your move.


  3. I only found your house in the roses on my enchanted path a year ago and the first blog I have followed. Your words and your photos are wonderful and I wish to you all of the magical goodness on your new journey. You are an amazing soul.

  4. Dear Cielo
    Just looking in on some of my favorite blogs that I haven't visited in a very long time. I am so glad I stopped by today to say good luck on this next stage of your life. I will have to read some past posts to find out what you are doing next!
    Your roses were always so beautiful and I'm sure you are going to miss them!

  5. Voy a echar mucho de menos este jardín, pero te seguiré allá donde vayas.
    Un beso enorme y todo el amor del mundo desde España.

  6. sigh. but I understand. I am with you and your caravan, in a gypsy way, long flowing skirts and beads and hair....and roses of course!

  7. Oh sweet Cielo ~ what magic you have weaved in this charming blog. I have soooo enjoyed my visits here. But I will be following you down that yellow brick road, my friend. I can hardly wait to see your new sweet home, the fairy-filled gardens you will create, and the stories that you will tell. Safe travels, sweetie - and blessings to you in your new house! :)
    xoxo laurie

  8. It will be sad to see you not post here, but I will follow you to your new blog and look forward to reading posts about your new home. Best Wishes coming your way.

  9. "The House In The Roses" blog ending, with the ending of your time there. Perfect!

    It will always be here, for you and your Dear Friends to visit.

    But you are taking us with you, with your "Gypsy Dreams" blog... So all is well.

    Have a safe and wonderful trip in your Caravan, to your new home area.

    Gentle hugs,

  10. I will miss your House in the Roses and will look for your new blog which I sure will be filled with flowerful beauty too.

  11. I have missed your posts about moving...I, too, just in the very middle of a huge move...and I, too, have a new blog...starting all over...taking and making memories...
    Be sure to come by...
    xo bj

  12. Thank you for your candid post and beautiful postings. Fear not, I have moved over 25 times in less then 20 years as a renter
    never once in my adult life have I had my own home or garden
    each time I have to leave behind beloved plants and beautiful memories, friends and loved ones. Yet I survive it. I am sure where you land will bring you much happiness once you find your place your meant to be and settle in best of luck to you.

  13. All the best to you Cielo ~ lots of happy times and memories here.

    I look forward to reading about your new adventures that begin today!

    ((Hugs)) and good wishes, always.

  14. Cielo, I will miss you and your blog. I love your style of enchanting stories. I wish you the best of luck and much happiness. ((Hugs))

  15. Safe journey to you. I think you will make another house in the roses for yourself. So looking forward to your new adventures.

  16. Cielo, I will miss your House in the Roses too but look forward to your new adventures in your new home. Each new garden is always magical in it's own way. . .you will see.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

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  22. Hey Cielo, what magic you've woven in this charming blog. I've thoroughly enjoyed my visits here. But, my friend, I'll be following you down that yellow brick road. I can't wait to see your new home, the fairy-filled gardens you'll plant, and the stories you'll tell. Safe travels, sweetie, and best wishes in your new home!

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