Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Alan!

Dear Alan, it’s hard to believe today is your 26th birthday! It seems only yesterday I held you for the first time and looked into your eyes—the bluest of eyes, expecting, I guess, to see God in them…. And I did! Oh, I did, for right there and then, I saw angels by my side. This, only a mother's love can understand.

Remember what I said then, to you--my first born? I told you how much I love you. I was only 20, and could swear you understood what I was saying. At that moment, you did something amazing, you offered me the gift of your smile, your first smile, and I saw little twinkle stars in your eyes—or was it maybe my eyes glimmering with tears of joy? Only a mother's love can understand those tears, for only a mother's love can share the joy we feel, when something we've dreamed about quite suddenly becomes so real....

I look at you in the imagery of my mind, and I can still see a sweet little boy, so smart, always asking questions, as grasping the world which had been offered to him, in tiny bits of new discoveries at a time….

You were my joy! How I loved that big smile of yours, and perfect YOU!

So funny, you were so funny! And still are!

Among little angels, you were my special angel! The best! The cutiest! The perfect little boy of my heart's content!

I thank God for you everyday, you are a good son, loving, responsible, generous, sweet, funny-oh so funny, smart, talented, tender-hearted, creative, and I could go on and on...

Have a Happy Birthday, my son. I love you!


  1. What a touching ode to your son. I hope he feels the same way about his Mom.

  2. Happy Birthday to Alan!!
    That angel pic is the sweetest! :)

  3. Hi Cielo,
    Happy Birthday to your son Alan!!
    What adorable pictures.
    My daughter is also 26.
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Good Afternoon Cielo,
    "HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY" to your Son, Alan. You have a Handsome Son, Cielo. This is such a wonderful Birthday Tribute to him. He is adorable. Those pictures are priceless. Only A Mother's Love, will and can know anything. "THANK YOU" for sharing your Son with us. I know you are very proud of him. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Karen H.

  5. Cielo: you can try to translate the texte on google or else. There are some english versions on the right side of the blog.
    I apreciate too much your spanish witch I can understand perfectly as english. Althow I make too many mistaque when I write in english.
    Thanks for friendship.
    I 've just linked your blog to mine.

    José Manuel.

  6. Happy birthday to your son. I forgot.

    Very nice song...

  7. That is so sweet! Happy new year of life to him!!!

    About the bubble bath that I posted about...believe it or not, I stumbled upon it at Walmart. It is somewhere in the $4.00 range. It is really strong though...not something I think I would enjoy if I was not ill...but it is very comforting when I am stopped up!

  8. Happy Birthday Alan! You have a terrific mom and she has a terrific son. How lucky you are to have found your way to one another in this big old universe. Have a beautiful, productive and satisfying 26th year.

    XO Suzanne

    P.S. Cielo ~ I love you dear. What a beautiful tribute to your son. Thank you for letting me take a peek inside your special relationship.

  9. Beautiful post Cielo!! A Big Happy Birthday to Alan! When I visit here I know I will find loveliness, thanks so much for such a warm and wonderful place to visit.



  10. Hola Cielo
    Que dulce lo que le escribiste... Te entiendo perfectamente...
    Te mando un beso enorme.
    Tu amiga

  11. Hi Cielo, Happy Birthday to Alan! So cute little one, how soon they grow :) But he will always be your baby Cielo! You are a lovely Mom. A gorgeous post. Jenn and Jacqui

  12. Although we've never met, and I only just found this wonderful blog I am sitting here in tears in my Buffalo NY home. As the proud, proud mom of a nearly 18 year old son who is funny, smart, loving, jaded and quirky I can only say I share everything you said. My love is just testing the waters of being grown and we're both scared and excited. My husband and I can't believe how fast it's gone, how cliche that is and you hear it all the time when you're a new mom but can't appreciate it fully until you're an "old mom". I do find myself that much more aware with my daugher, delightfully 9 years behind. Happy Birthday Alan, you must be a great man and you obviously have a great, interesting and loving mother. Thanks for cry! Lori

  13. Saludos cordiales, Cielo.
    Hay aquí un dulce olor a rosas...

  14. Our children grow so fast it is so sad. Then we are blessed with grandchildren. The love is so amazing.

  15. I was just visiting different blogs and stumbled across yours, I hope you dont mind. You have such beautiful pictures of roses!
    What a wonderful post about your son on his birthday!
    I hope you have a blessed day. Feel free to visit my blog too!

  16. Happy Birthday to Alan (a day late)! He looks like he was an angel indeed. Lovely post for him, Cielo.


  17. Happy birthday to your son. I love the picture of the angels with their bottles. He's a treasure to a mother's heart, I know. You wrote a beautiful post for him. ~Adrienne~

  18. Only a couple of days from my birthday (well... and a couple of decades!). Happy Birthday to your 1st born! ~ jb///

  19. Oh Cielo, what a beautiful, loving post! The pictures of your son are so adorable! Happy Birthday Alan!


  20. Happy Belated Birthday to your precious son! I hope he had a fantastic birthday! He's adorable!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


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