Friday, June 22, 2012

the magical door

I’ve been embellishing things with Mod Podge again; like decorating some old books with free graphics and scrapbook paper that matches the room's decor. The possibilities are endless and it's so much fun... Do you enjoy doing things like that too?

I found this old book in the ‘discarded’ bin outside the thrift store across from my office the other day, and immediately felt in love with its cover. I can tell you I don’t exactly intent to read it, but I do love the visual rendering of the title—so enigmatic and mysterious, doesn’t it?

So, I took this book home with me and dug out the Mod Podge and sponge brush… I didn’t want to cover it in its entirety because, as I have mentioned before, I love the title, which I think is creativity in itself. So I decided this is how this book should look…

And here is this other book… I wanted something simple this time, so I used some fine vintage wrapping paper from the dollar store to cover it up and selected a simple rose image…

This book makes me think of some secret journal safeguarded by the fairies. A journal which can only be unlocked with the help of some magical key… I have that key, but what’s written in that book? And do I want to read it and unveil the mysteries guarded there? I did something like that just the other day. I read an email that I wasn’t supposed to have read. It was not meant to be read by me, and by unveiling the ‘unveiled’, I was deeply hurt by it. My mistake. Thankfully, hurt works like magic for some people. A wounded heart creates a new heart; a better one I think. I believe unhappy experiences are necessary sometimes; they can be an eye opener and a way to reacquaint ourselves with our Creator and our true self.

And would you like to know what else I’m thinking of? Oh I'm thinking we’re long due for some adventure of the imaginary sorts around here… Ah yes! Time for some dreaming?

Indeed, my head is itching with stories. I see enchantment fluttering all around me, and……. oh the magical door at the end of the garden awaits! We must go through it; must not delay...

The fairies are whispering magic and joy in my ears... I'm dying to find out what new and exciting world might be waiting behind our magical door... fairies, giants, dragons, elves, goblins, witches and other fanciful and fantastic forces and worlds untold. And who knows if, perhaps… perhaps magic decides to send us right into some fancy Alice-in-Wonderland sorts of a party or something like that? I’m sure I’d look more like a Cinderella in my simple garden gown than an Alice, but that’s OK by me. But you see, the problem is quite clear here...

Ah yes, I have lost the magical key to the magical door! Again! Absolutely without a doubt! Lost! Gayla, how will we get through our magical door?

Have anyone seen my magical key? Perhaps, instead of going to some magical distant land we could visit each other’s place? Maybe we can even help each other around in the garden a little bit? Oh I know you love old keys too, just like me, and maybe you have found a key in your garden that can lead you to mine? Would you like to come to my garden instead? OK then…

I have a gut feeling you’ll find that key somewhere in the grapevines; behind the huge leaves. Oh but do be careful not to awake the grapevine fairies, or worse yet, mistaken them for spiders. Fairies hate to be mistaken for widow spiders by the way. Just like spiders do, the grapevine fairies live in intricate web structures on the underside of grape leaves, but don’t you be fooled by their looks or preference in habitat… They’re no spiders. They’re fairies! ;)

OK, so off I go to get ready for our visit. I’m thinking I should prepare my very special and delicious rose sugar. I can already picture you stirring rose sugar into your coffee, or tea, if you don’t like coffee… if you like, you can take some home with you later… rose sugar is perfect to used when baking cakes, and scones; or to sprinkle onto desserts, cakes, cookies, muffins, or just to add to the rim of cocktail glasses…. I’ll share my recipe with you soon.

For now, that’s it. You can shimmy down the magical path to my garden or tiptoe through your own magical door. Use the magic in this special evening to find twinkling stars, moon dust and more! See you soon!


  1. Love the decorated books, they would look so lovely left in a guest room or dotted about.

    The fairy garden is delightful along with the secret key, I just love keys and the thought of all the hidden little doors and gateways they could open. So many adventures could be uncovered.

    I'd love to come to tea and try some of your rose sugar and enjoy your magical garden.

    J x

  2. Oh that rose sugar is delicious; thank you. Be sure to offer some to the garden fairies. I like how you added the roses to the cover of the book. That is a sweet talent.

  3. ...greetings dear friend! ~ decided to dance thru' to your magical garden ~ sit awhile beneath the roses and converse with yoU! and your special blend of faeries! ~ along with rose sugar toO! ~ blessed be!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...

  4. I had a birthday in December, a biggie. Life altering, so to say. One of those mile stones. So I am spending the year indulging my inner child, and you have just entertained quite nicely that little girl. Ever so grateful. Thank you.

  5. I love being here in this enchanted place where fairy play and everything glimmers in sunlight. Such a beautiful post. Thanks for taking us into your world.

  6. Oh, Cielo- I read every enchanted word. You are so dear, and I love the sweet childlike innoncence that still clings to you and lets you wander with fairies and such.

    I think there is so much magic in life that we close ourselves off to so that others don't consider us silly...or...worse. I, too, find fairies in my house and gardens and SweetCheeks TALKS to them...and they answer. So, for me the magic lives on.

    Blessings and I hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  7. Hi Cielo. Love those pretty books and I never tire of see your pretty gardens.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. i need a magical garden!! Absolutely magic!! have a wonderful day

  9. This is a great idea for old books, I love the secret book with roses.
    And Oh your garden is so beautiful romantic and just magic.

  10. Love to cover books with beautiful paper. Yours look beautiful.

  11. Okay, you magical, healing friend I have never met and know so well.... Thank you for asking me to come with the key to the magical tea.... And yes, I do love coffee and tea, but believe it or not, I have never tasted rose sugar! My little feelings were a bit bruised lately too, and your lovely invitation whisked it all away.... life is too sweet to waste time moping, right?

    I do understand about hurt causing us to build a new heart. I just never saw it Explained so beautifully. I'm headed to the garden now, even though----- or maybe especially since it's very late and dark..... Fireflies and fairies will light the way.

    Let the girl chat and merriment begin!

  12. To me, just being in the garden is magical. And yours is a thing of true beauty. Yes, I would love to come and have some rose sugar in my tea. I hope to spy a fairy or two. Love your mod podge escipades also. Such beauty you have created.

  13. The garden is beautiful. Love the covered books. Is that by Victoria Holt? She was a favorite of mine for many years.


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