Sunday, April 15, 2012

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

I love vintage postcards; particularly old guardian angel postcards, and ever since I discovered the world of “free graphics”, I’ve been reducing and enlarging copies of lovely vintage postcards, waiting for the perfect project to use them.

I particularly love vintage postcards with wonderful aged patina; including small rips and stains in the background.

I absolutely love this one... It bestows such a mystic feeling; gone-by eras and past lives that I find so intriguing and fascinating at the same time…

I made tags with the image from my vintage guardian angel postcard. I copied it onto photo paper, and bonded it to thick card stock. I made a hole on the top with my hole puncher and added some ribbons. Simple… and practical enough. You can also make some lovely bookmarks using this same method too.

These vintage images are lovely in their own right just as they are… group them up and put them anywhere you want for an extra dosis of prettiness. I think these images look particularly lovely sitting on top o’ all my pretty lace. Don't you think so? They impart a certain nostalgic feel that I just love.

Oh oh and did you notice that awesome moon face image here? Don't you just love it!

This ain't what you might be thinking, thought… yup! This is actually the pretties little baggy I’ve ever seen, and it came to the house in the roses via the fairies all the way from “Hello Lovely, Inc.” It’s filled with some lovely surprises too!

Absolutely adorable bracelets and pin. Go visit Michele (one L); owner of “Hello Lovely, Inc.” for some awesome jewerly! Her Etsy shop is filled with charming vintage jewelry like these and much more. And she’ll be happy to give you a 15% off with the code LOVELY15. Thank YOU, Michele!

Other projects coming up! For now this is it! For those of you not familiar with our "linky parties” they are basically a chance for us home and garden lovers to show off… well, just that—our homes and gardens! And all in all whatever is going on in our life that’s worth sharing! Got anything you’d like to share? Then link up! But remember:

Etiquette for linky parties

1) Link to a recent project post, and not a link to the front page of your blog, your Etsy store or a giveaway.

2) Link back to the host’s blog via a button or text link. This is a common courtesy, and it is usually appreciated if you link back in the same blog post that you are linking up.


  1. Thanks for hosting! Your post today is so beautiful!

  2. Hello Cielo,
    lovely tags - it is so much fun to stretch one's creativity! Thank you for hosting,

  3. Thanks so much for hosting your great party again this week.

  4. Beautiful post Cielito! Thanks for hosting your terrific party again, and I hope you have a great week. Hugs,

  5. Gorgeous vintage cards! Love the angels! So very pretty! Thank you for hosting!

  6. You can buy transfer paper from Walmart in the craft section. Use transfer paper to print your pictures on and then iron them onto pillows and other things.

    You probably already know this... but just in case I wanted to share!

  7. What a lovely so pretty.
    Thanks so much for being such a loyal host. I love your pretty party each week.
    xo bj
    Did you get your shelves you wanted??

  8. Oh thank YOU for telling me about this, my dear Anonymous! Didn't know that! I will certainly check into that!



  9. What beautiful images and the little tags are adorable. Thank you for being such a sweet host. Patty

  10. Such a pretty post! Love the images also thanks for hosting!


  11. Thanks for hosting :)
    Your blog post is delightful, very pretty indeed!

    Greetings from Australia♥

  12. oooh yes love these images especially in sepia colour. xxx

  13. Beautiful vintage postcards, Cielo.
    Thank you for hosting, and have a wonderful week!

  14. how fun to see how you styled the vintage baubles and bag! thank you thank you for the mention and the lovely post!!!

    smiles and hugs to you, cielo.


  15. Beautiful job! Thanks for hosting, I'm joining in this week, Marcia

  16. Love your post, so beautiful as always...sigh! Thank you for hosting my friend. Diane

  17. thank you so much for the lovely party!

  18. Love old postcards.Those are beautiful photos.I am headed over there to check it out.Thank you for hosting.

  19. Hi lovely lady.
    Thanks so much for Hosting today !! Your photos are Beautiful, hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  20. Such lovely postcards and yes when matched with lace it makes them very special! Thank you for hosting your fun party.

  21. Well... since you like the transfer paper idea thought you might like to know about water slide decal paper. You can print roses or other pictures on decal paper then slide it onto ceramics, wood, trashcans, etc.

    If you can't find decal paper then try Ebay. They have it pretty reasonably priced.

    Have fun!

  22. I love all of that too...lace and the vintage postcards...especially, in the colors you've shown. I finally made it over to play at your party...
    Have a great week!

  23. Cielo this is such a beautiful post. I am loving your banner, stunning. I am all linked up. Thanks for hosting!



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