Sunday, April 8, 2012

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

WE had a wonderful wonderful spring day today—our first real day of sunshine and warmth-like spring day!

I cannot begin to tell you how extra elated I am! And I have worked and worked and worked so hard and so much outside making everything look pretty! But that’s OK with me; I love to work when I know that later I can sit down and love the results of a hard day’s work. I’m quite satisfied...

I've been on a decoupage kick… still super loving Mod Podge! I've been working on several projects... like these extra cute decoupaged flower pots!

Other projects coming up! For now this is it! For those of you not familiar with our "linky parties” they are basically a chance for us home and garden lovers to show off… well, just that—our homes and gardens! And all in all whatever is going on in our life that’s worth sharing! Got anything you’d like to share? Then link up! But remember:

Etiquette for linky parties

1) Link to a recent project post, and not a link to the front page of your blog, your Etsy store or a giveaway.

2) Link back to the host’s blog via a button or text link. This is a common courtesy, and it is usually appreciated if you link back in the same blog post that you are linking up.


  1. Hey!!!!!
    I have some of those rose plates. Don't you just love them???!!!

  2. Beautiful garden shots. The decoupaged pots are great - what do you use to hold up against water from the soil inside?

  3. Love your garden but I REALLY LOVE those flower pots. I am SOOOO going to copy those! Have a wonderful week-xo Diana

  4. I adore those pots! I'm beginning quite the decoupage kick myself. Nice inspiration. Happy Easter!!


  5. Happy Easter! Your garden looks so beautiful... love your Angels. We have an Angel Garden and I can't wait for it to come back into bloom, the Mr. has been busy getting the Angel statues back outside.
    Blessings, xo HHL

  6. Hello, thank you again for a blog party. I've linked up. Wonderful to see you enjoying your garden, I'm enjoying mine too....yes, lots and lots of work, and yes it pays off:D

  7. Love those decoupaged flower pots! Thanks so much for hosting the party.

  8. Oh Cielo, I love your pots. The rose images are so perfect. I really need to make some. I have plenty of Mod Podge. Your garden looks lovely. I too love working hard and reaping the rewards. However, sometimes my body doesn't agree. Last Monday I hauled mulch all day. My right knee has been killing me ever since. It's the pits to get old. lol! Thanks for hosting!

  9. Cielo: Your garden must be beautiful and I can tell you must have done alot of work to get it looking so elegant after the winter weather. Love all your statuary. Especially love the first picture with lace curtains. Hope you had a glorious Easter..Judy

  10. Hi Most Beautiful Cielo! Your garden is looking so cute and I know your roses will be gorgeous very soon! I love your new header too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. You have a beautiful yard!

    Thank you for hosting the party.

    Kindredly, Lynnie

  12. Thank you Cielo! I too am loving your new header. I am so unobservant at times so was wondering how long you had had it when I saw it - am glad to know I actually observed pretty quickly this time!

    Your pots are adorable and such a good way to pretty up some of my old planters!

  13. I am loving your pretty garden all over again! I linked my happy Easter table.... Thinking of you fondly always.

  14. Hi Cielo,
    Those flower pots are gorgeous ... I love the rose images!

    Thank you for hosting!

  15. Hi Cielo,
    Your garden is so pretty! Thank you for hosting!

    Have a lovely week,

  16. Hi I'm a new follower. I so love your roses and the plant pots are so cute. Did you use napkins are a decorative paper to decoupage? I have some that could use some prettying up and this would be so easy. Thanks for sharing. If you like, I'd love for you to link them to my Tuesday linky party.

  17. Thanks for the party...
    Hope you will enjoy a visit to see beauty of spring @
    With love

  18. how lovely your pots are...have you ever used the Mod Podge with the glitter in it? it is amazing and I love it...
    are you growing foxglove in the pots?
    thank you for sharing your magic with us again...

  19. Love those rose planters and plates too.Looks so pretty.Thank you for hosting.

  20. Oh, my! I have been mod-podging (is that a word?) and have been doing pots and pails - I believe we have been on the same kick! How Delightsome! Love bringing art into the garden - so delighted you had a lovely spring day and wish you many many more! Thank you for being a gracious hostess,

  21. Hi Cielo! Your garden is looking so lovely. I love Mod Podge too and have been busy decoupaging crates. Now that I have seen your charming clay pots ~ I know exactly what I will be doing with my Mod Podge next. Thank you for hosting and have a very happy week!

    Susan and Bentley

  22. Your decoupaged pots look great with your teacup and saucer, Cielo! Lovely job.

  23. Beautiful post! I'm a fan of those flower pots too! Your garden is a wonderful place. It's a tad cool and breezy here but your pictures make me want to get out and dig in the dirt anyway :-)

    Happiness to you,


  24. What beautiful pictures. I am so pleased the weather was lovely. We had torrential downpours.
    How did the stains do on your plates?
    Thank you for hosting.

  25. All the garden photos are lovely
    Have a beautiful weekend...


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