Tuesday, March 13, 2012


What sorts of things do you dream of when you dream? I mean, what are the desires of your heart? In my dreams, I often find myself in a sunny orange grove. I’m barefooted—the warm earth under my feet, the murmuring groves, the air thick with the sugary scent of oranges, and butterflies hovering over my head as I play among trees and under branches heavy with sweet oranges hanging low on them. But it is more than just some recurrent dream—-it is a stirring of the soul and the natural yearnings of my heart.

Clouds are meant for gazing, and rainy days for daydreaming, and since it's been raining here, well, that's what I’ve been doing--daydreaming with things I like and would like to have one day—like a cottage in the manner of times past. I can see it clearly in my mind’s eye—a cottage that looks as though it has grown out of the ground. It has low rooms and open-joisted ceilings and boarded doors and solid oak flooring, and it have big windows and at least one big open hearth. Of course, my cottage is situated in a peaceful location; in a tranquil rural setting and each and every room is floated with natural light. I also see a freshwater stream running behind in a grove of ancient trees…

And when it comes to personal style, I have my own dreams too… so, I’ve been dreaming with some boots like these and some pretty lacey boot socks like these… Lately, I’ve been seeing this new trend everywhere—knee high socks that go just above the boots. I’ve come to realize, I absolutely love this trend. It’s very edgy, yet vintage at the same time. Super cute!

And I want a necklace like that! I absolutely love it!

And this gorgeous gypsy skirt! I’ve never seen anything as beautiful! You? Would you wear something like that? C’mon! Really? Not even when nobody is around and is just you playing 'fairy' in your own backyard? ;) Have you ever heard of the books Bridge to Terabithia? Have you always wanted your own magical enchanted world to own? Then I'm sure this skirt is right for you ;)

Well, I must tell you... at least one of my dreams got fulfilled this week. Ah yes, I got my very own gorgeous gypsy skirt to wear!

It might not be as fancy as the one on the previous photograph, but I think it’s as pretty… and I can certainly wear this anywhere everywhere…

I love the amalgamation of colors and lace trim on top and bottom part… It suits my gypsy heart perfectly!

I just love it! Are you a dreamer too?

Have any of your dreams come true this week?

Do share!


  1. Your corner of the world is really magical!

  2. The oranges are blooming, and they smell wonderful!!

    You make a lovely gypsy woman!! :D

  3. I cannot remember exactly how I stumbled here, but I am transfixed by this post. Beautiful! I love this style and push my daily tolerances toward it constantly. Thanks for all the soft, feminine images! Have a very pretty gypsy day! xo

  4. Love the boots, skirts - yes, I would wear them. Lately I've been dreaming of a beautiful pool - I hope it comes true. (Don't know where I would put it here...)

  5. Well, your skirt is definitely a dream come true, Cielo. I love it! I day dream about beautiful things, too. I am starting to dream about the beautiful gardens I want to create this summer. You are just so lovely-and your soul matches your outer beauty- I love visiting you- xo Diana

  6. Love your gypsy skirt! I have a gypsy skirt, but I haven't worn it for a really long time. Maybe . . . .

    And the nice thing about boot toppers? -- if you knit, you only have to knit the top part of the sock, not the whole sock!

    As usual, a beautiful post that makes a oasis of a few moments of the day.

  7. I love your skirt, Cielo! I would definitely wear that! I've been eyeing those boot sock thingies myself. I figured it's probably too late in the season now, so I'm either going to figure out how to make some or make sure I buy a couple for next Fall/Winter.

  8. Way too late here for boots (70s and 80s) but love your gypsy skirt.
    Very pretty.

    Always dreaming.

  9. Cielo,
    I'm dreaming of the day when I can wear my gypsy skirt and walk through the lush green grass in bare feet!

  10. I love your skirt, Cielo - I love visiting you!
    And now you get at greeting from Denmark:

    I've just put a challenge at my new blog:
    Display your most beautiful and best Vintage cup.
    You probably have a cup you prefer over all other cups. A flea market bargains, a cup you've inherited - or just the most beautiful and best cup?

    This week you can put your cup up to the display

    And remember that here it is allowed to brag!

    regards from Frøken-Frida

  11. Perfect skirt and it is lovely on you. Enjoy!
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  12. Hi Cielo...It's been a while since I visited but I will change that because I so enjoy your blog, the inspiration and totally romantic vibe...It's late here now but tomorrow I shall put on my gypsy skirt and have tea in my tea room, thank you! :-)


  13. Your gypsy skirt is lovely! ah yes .. dreaming is a wonderful way to soothe the mind from the chaos it is filled with of every day things. Wishing you a fabulous magical week-end! xo HHL

  14. I love your skirt so fun! Glad I stopped by for a visit!!!

  15. i love too your skirt.
    and u so pretty


  16. i love your skirt and u look so pretty too.



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